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By using the WWE Supercard mod apk, you can obtain an unlimited credits as well as fights. You can use them to purchase new card decks so that you can continue playing in the game mode of your choice.

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WWE SuperCard Game Description

WWE SuperCard Game

It is not inappropriate for me to have some level of dissatisfaction when I discover that the WWE wrestling game that I have longed for is really presented in the style of a genre that is not what I had anticipated at all. Although the idea of a card battle CCG based on the WWE Supercard seemed intriguing at first, it was not enough to make up for the fact that Cat Daddy Games did not fully explore the potential depth of the gameplay. As a result, my level of satisfaction with CCG-style strategy was significantly reduced while I was writing this review.

Before I go any further into the review of WWE Supercard, I feel it necessary to underline to you that I myself get a great deal of enjoyment out of playing WWE card games, a genre whose popularity alone is practically on par with that of endless run games available on the market. CCG gameplay, however, calls for a very good gameplay to capture the soul of the primary game that is touched by the developer, so that the game will always stay in the thoughts of our gamers. Just like you and I, all of you are gamers, and we all share this sentiment.

To play this game, you will arrange some of the cards you have according to the relative importance of the traits that are mentioned on the faces of each card, just as you would in a standard game involving playing cards in general. At WWE Supercard, the four traits are Power, Toughness, Speed, and Charisma. Each of these attributes will be pitted against one another in each round of your card game.

You will be provided with a starter pack at the beginning of your portion of the game at WWE Supercard. This pack will contain many cards, and these cards will be sufficient for you to finish your deck of cards for the Exhibition and King of the Ring game types. It is requested of you that, in order to construct a deck that will serve as the foundation of your primary game here, you select some of the cards that you consider to be the most powerful and most beloved to place in the four superstar card slots and the one diva card (also known as a female wrestler) that is provided. In addition to this, you have access to two more utility card slots, one of which allows you to modify the characteristics of a card you control while it is still in play.

You have the option to sacrifice any remaining unused cards in the main slot so that they can be added to the main card that you select using the train feature later on. Therefore, the qualities of the card will rise along with the amount of cards attained through the sacrifice activity of your card as you give more and more of your remaining cards to the primary card that you play. This is because the sacrifice activity of your card involves giving up cards.

The card game that I encountered at WWE Supercard had a total of seven pre-filled card slots, making it more appropriate to be compared to fast-paced card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. In that game, all you have to do is choose the card that will compete in the arena, and then you can let the computer take care of the game calculation process.

Your card game will be more focused if you play it in the Exhibition mode, in which you compete against other players who are controlled by the CPU. This is because you are given complete control over the selection of cards with what attributes you want to compete with across the three rounds that are provided. Personally, I believe that in this mode, WWE Supercard ought to be able to shine more with a range of graphic upgrades and side gameplay that makes it even nicer to play. But that’s just my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think the wrestling animation displayed by WWE Supercard looks bad to my eyes. However, after hours of viewing some of the animated displays that it carries, over time I get bored too, and I prefer to skip the card fight in order to go directly to the final result of the game rather than watching it.

Make the transition to the next mode, which is a card competition called King of the Ring. In this section, the decks that you arrange will automatically compete against fifteen other cards during one to twenty-four hours. Your card received a stamina system the day before, which served as a measurement of their efficacy in combat against the specified relay relay. Because you can’t do anything but monitor your struggling score for hours on end and give it the stamina boost that you get through match exhibition or IAP purchases, this mode honestly does not represent the enjoyable element of the WWE Supercard game at all.

This WWE Supercard mod provides an infinite supply of coins (credits). Utilizing the cheat engine that we have made available to you will make advancing through the game much simpler.

At the conclusion of each of the Exhibition game modes, you will have the opportunity to select a card to add to your collection of deck cards.

You might claim that the Exhibition mode is your major motivation to keep looking at WWE Supercard to finish the collection of cards you have, based on the comparison I mentioned earlier between the two styles of play for the game. But as I have previously explained regarding this mode, the monotony of the game that you encounter will most likely bore you after a few minutes of the game continuing to run, so I personally hope that 2K and Cat Daddy Games will provide more varied animated appearance updates in the future, or if fans are allowed to give even crazier input ideas, why not every card is given a signature move and musical entrance from each wrestler so that players are excited to continue playing to see the variety of card appearances? This would keep players engaged

Concerning in-app purchases, WWE Supercard provides you with a number of different credit purchase choices that vary according to your demands in this regard. For example, you may purchase a boost for one hundred credits or a pack of cards for the same amount of credits. With a price range of at least 200 credits, the purchase of credit that can be considered to be fairly expensive was highly inefficient for you to spend on purchasing a typical card pack that was included in a package that ranged from epic to legendary for a price of 2500 credits (which can only be redeemed at the purchase price of an IAP credit). There is a pretty simple grinding process here, and all you have to do to add more cards to your collection is keep playing the exhibition mode over and over again. This helps to keep the various components of your card collection in check.

Overall, as a recommendation among other wrestling entertainment fans, I do not have many reasons sufficient to recommend this WWE Supercard as a new way to feel the excitement of WWE wrestling drama that we have seen on the screen. This is because I myself do not have many reasons enough to recommend this WWE Supercard. If you are interested in looking for wrestling entertainment that is truly weighty, I suggest that you look for alternative WWE games such as WWE2K14 and WWE2K15 where the appearance of the teaser yesterday looks very tempting to play on the console. If you are looking for wrestling entertainment that is truly weighty, I suggest that you look for it. Whether you don’t have another WWE game that you can play this week, however, you shouldn’t allow the fact that I reviewed WWE Supercard discourage you from giving this game a go on the device that you already own since you never know if you’ll end up like it.

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WWE SuperCard APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Credits, Bouts
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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You may place some of the cards on the face of each card that you have with the appearance of the size of the traits, much like you would in a typical card game. In general, this is how card games are played. Strength, Endurance, Pace, and Charisma are the four traits that make up a character. During each round of the WWE Supercard, a rundown of each card game will be shown.

The WWE Supercard generator enable you to acquire an unlimited money. You can continue to train your cards by opening new card packs, which will make them stronger over time.

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