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Wonder Tactics Game Description

Wonder Tactics Game

The most recent role-playing game (RPG) from Com2Us, dubbed Wonder Tactics, has been published; now is the time for you to gather the most powerful Heroes!

It would appear that more and more players are interested in playing role-playing games on their mobile devices. A great number of developers ultimately compete with one another to produce new mobile role-playing games. In this round, Com2Us followed the Mobile RPG game competition by releasing their most recent game, which is titled Wonder Tactics. This RPG boasts adorable 2D visuals, and its animations are just as intriguing as those seen in other RPG games, despite the fact that they are not 3D.

Players are given the ability to acquire a large number of heroes, and the game has a fight that pits five players against five other players. This Wonder Tactics game gives you access to well over two hundred and fifty unique characters throughout the board. Because of this, the appearance of the hero that you might obtain can be rather diverse, ranging from the figure of a courageous knight to that of a hulking, muscle-bound dragon.

There will be a Rarity system, which will be represented by the one to six star logos just as in other character collectible games. This game also includes elements in places where there are elements, like water, fire, earth, dark, and light respectively.

You have the option of selecting the fighting configuration for the actual conflict by using the box labeled 3 times 3. You may summon five heroes into battle with you at one time, whether it is against foes or other players. Every hero has unique abilities that may be utilized in combat to further your advantage. Every ability that your Hero possesses will have a visual representation of the path that their attacks will go.

For instance, the Frost Ray ability can target any foes that are contained inside the three horizontal boxes in the centre of the screen. Or, if you use the talent Just Attack, you’ll be able to attack any foes that are on the top three squares of the vertical grid. The positioning of the heroes inside the formation is another factor that determines whether or not the team wins. To maximize your chances of winning, you should position supporting heroes and those who have magic attacks or long range behind the tanker Hero.

You have the ability to boost the power of the Heroes of Wonder Tactics by upgrading them. You may use the gems that you obtain throughout the game to activate the other Trait that they have available to them. Through the use of the Evolution function, it is also possible to merge two heroes into a single new hero that is far more powerful.

There are two distinct varieties of evolution: the first is a Fixed Evolution, in which the evolution elements are patented and you are guaranteed to obtain the Hero of your choice. While the other option is Random Evolution, which allows you to keep the evolution material you spend without cost but at the expense of a random hero.

If you have already attained your maximum possible strength, the Transcending method will allow you to further improve your Hero’s stats. In addition to that, the Awakening system includes aspects that allow the Hero’s talents to be improved. You can test yourself within the game to find out any further facts.

There will be a total of 150 dungeons available for exploration in Wonder Tactics, each of which may be tackled in one of three distinct difficulty settings. In addition, there are also unique dungeons that involve fights that are far more difficult. Some examples of these dungeons are the Tower of Treasure, the Raid, the Secret Dungeon, and so on. If you find that the PvE feature has become too easy for you, you may switch to the PvP features, which are just as tough. The question now is, are you prepared to take charge of the military strategy in Wonder Tactics?

Game Description Source: Wonder Tactics @ Google Play

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It would appear that many players have a strong interest in role-playing games (RPGs) that can be played on mobile devices. The intense competition to create mobile role-playing games will put a lot of creators in a difficult position. This time around, Com2Us introduced a brand-new mobile role-playing game known as Wonder Tactics just in time for the contest. When compared to other games of the same genre, the adorable two-dimensional visuals and superb animation sequences in this one more than hold their own.

Using Wonder Tactics Cheats, you will be able to acquire crystals, which are the game’s premium currency. You can use it to hone your character and make it the most formidable of all the others.

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