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WarFriends Game Description

WarFriends Game

The Chillingo development team has created the action game WarFriends, which has the concept of shooting soldiers in the plan that you establish during the game. The game’s focus is on the player-versus-player (PvP) format, and it is an example of the genre. WarFriends is, without a doubt, the best option for those of you who are interested in playing shooting games that also include the element of managing many troops at the same time.

To begin, you will assume control of a squad commander in this game who is tasked with ensuring that the base or base with many hiding spots is protected at all times. On the opposing side, there is a leader with multiple groups of troops that have to ambush to your headquarters. This arrangement is also present. The defensive mode that WarFriends are provided is extremely easy to understand; all you have to do is use the swiping method to transfer from one location to the left or right side of the screen. When either the adversary makes an attack or there is a bombshell headed in that way.

When it comes to solving shooting challenges, this squad commander has a few different options of weaponry to choose from depending on the circumstances. Beginning with automatic weapons, sniper rifles, explosives, pistols, and a variety of other varieties, you can obtain these after playing in levels that are further apart. To show the zoom mode or more exact targets, simply press and hold the screen on the target throughout the shooting process. This will bring up the fundamental way of shooting. To toss weapons like grenades, you must utilise the swiping mode from the bottom up, aim at an angle with the appropriate force, then swipe upwards.

There are several kinds of enemy soldiers that you must fight, as well as the warriors that you have in your own army. Beginning with the soldiers who are responsible for carrying hats and shields, hurling bombs, and tossing bombs, and moving on to the regular soldiers. The automatic deploy mode in WarFriends is the one that is used by default to get these troops onto the battlefield within the allotted amount of time. You are free to call on whatever army you like first, so there is no need to worry about that.

How exactly does the algorithm choose the victors of each WarFriends match? Due to the fact that the primary conflict involves a battle between the two camps, the victor is the faction that was able to triumph over the commander of the other army. This can be accomplished either by you, as the commander, or by an army that you put into action. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a firm grasp on the assaulting troops, right?

There are many different kinds of soldiers that may be employed, and you can access them all if you are patient while playing and keep moving forward with an active ranking rise. Beginning with the Sniper Soldier, the Drone, the Helicopter Gunships, and even Tanks and other Large Vehicles! Each kind of force possesses a unique set of Health and Attack capabilities, in addition to the several specialisations that you will need to consider. It’s the same deal with the weapons that you employ in your role as a leader, isn’t it?

The primary activity available to you in WarFriends is called Battle, and it allows you to compete against other users in real time. While other rival features can’t be accessed unless you reach a higher level of play. Please select Battle > Player vs. Player to begin using the Battle mode, and then sit back and let the computer locate you a suitable opponent. As a matter of public record, there is a limit to the amount of defence and offence that may be supplied, which is determined by the length of the game. If you perform the addition correctly, you will receive coins and gold coins as a reward.

You may spend this money and gold points to pay for other items, such as purchasing new weapons, purchasing lootboxes that contain a variety of intriguing stuff, or even even purchasing other items. In addition, WarFriends features a VIP membership tier that is available for purchase with gold points. If you become a VIP member, you will be eligible for a number of exciting benefits, such as receiving fifty percent more experience points (XP), receiving two lootboxes after partaking in an event, and a number of other benefits.

I downloaded WarFriends on my iPhone and found that it ran quite well. I had a good time playing it. The most difficult aspect of this game is learning how to accurately fire and command your soldiers while evading attacks from the opposing forces. If I decide that I want to play the game more seriously over a longer period of time, I will test out the VIP mode as well as the many additional in-app purchases right away.

Game Description Source: WarFriends @ Google Play

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I gave WarFriends a go, and I really loved playing it. The most difficult aspect of this game is learning how to fire accurately and effectively command your troops while evading opposing assaults. As soon as possible, I’m going to make it a priority to play more seriously for a longer length of time in order to unlock VIP mode and the numerous additional in-app purchases.

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