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With Vector 2 mod apk, you can get unlimited chips. You can use data chips to improve every piece of armour and trick, making it much easier to get through every floor.

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Vector 2 Game Description

Vector 2 Game

In the first Vector, it is stated that the future of the globe has been dominated by a totalitarian government. This government has eliminated all forms of human freedom, which has resulted in the elimination of conflict and variety. One of the employees in the tower who was compelled to work in a dark area with cubicles adjacent to hundreds of identical cubicles were dissatisfied with their working conditions and ran away while being pursued by security. Vector 2 is the name given to the latest installment of Nekki’s parkour run video game, which was released not too long ago.

In contrast to the events that transpired in the first game in the Vector series, players in the sequel will take on the role of test subjects who will always be cloned in the event that they perish. No longer a fugitive, but rather a specimen that looks like a rat and must use parkour abilities to go through a stage, the player is no longer considered a runaway.

This may be considered a risk-free experiment, however obviously that’s not the case. The upcoming stage will be packed with a wide variety of perilous challenges that must be overcome. You name the target, and there is a laser beam that is ready and waiting to char it. Not to mention the mines that have the potential to detonate themselves, as well as the different ravines that are waiting to ambush their victims. Akin to being imprisoned in hell, the conscious player who has died is sent on to the next clone, and he will continue to run. This process is repeated until the game is over. To our great good fortune, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of this terrible ordeal. That is, there are specific persons that are willing to help him escape, and he may be able to count on their assistance. The only question that remains is whether or not you can attempt to complete the phases in order.

In the same way that the original Vector was an automated running game to the right, the second Vector is also a game in which players will have the ability to parkour in order to either leap over the numerous obstacles that are there or pass through the bottom of them. The controls for the game are still the same; all you have to do is swipe up to leap or dodge obstacles, swipe down to enter the bottom of an obstacle, and swipe right to move more quickly. Swiping still operates using the same timings as before. However, this time it will be a lot harder since the barriers that stand in the way of Vector 2 will be a lot deadlier than the ones that stood in the way of the previous one.

A component known as the Random Stage Generator is the aspect of this second Vector that stands out most significantly in comparison to the first. Even though the overall objective of the game will remain the same, which is to run from the starting point to the finishing point on the far right and then proceed to the next stage, the contents of each stage will always be different each time a player runs Stage 1, Stage 2, and so on. This includes both the positions of obstacles and lasers that are ready to burn the player. In addition, players will not have the ability to select a stage at will since doing so will require them to first reach a certain point before they are allowed to go from that level. For instance, completing stage 3 or stage 8 to unlock the ability to begin play from any of those stages.

After successfully finishing a level, players will be rewarded with money that may be spent on a wide variety of different upgrade options. Starting with Armor, Helmets, Gloves, and Boots and going all the way up to Purchasing Parkour Tricks. Some of the offered gear can be utilized to save lives, such as armor that can withstand the laser beam or even shoes that are resistant to explosive mines. These items can be used to keep people alive in potentially dangerous situations.

The visuals in Vector 2 are still the same as they were in the previous game, however the background of the skyscraper in the first game is still more appealing to look at than the setting of the inside laboratory in Vector 2, which tends to be dark. The player’s character is still visible in the game in the form of a shadow, and it retains its cool motion when sprinting, leaping, and doing parkour moves up to the point where it is reduced to ashes after being killed by hazardous obstacles. The fact that the stage will be fun and will be accompanied by futuristic music that are cool when running does not mean that the excitement level of the game will be diminished in any way.

In spite of the fact that Vector 2 is still a free-to-play game, Nekki has chosen the free-to-play model, which is an approach that may be rather frustrating. Now, there is such a thing as Energy, a stamina system that will restrict the amount for players to make their escape with a maximum of five Energy only. Players must use their Energy wisely in order to successfully complete the game. There is also an upgrade trick system, which can be earned by completing particular objectives or even by purchasing premium money in the form of Chip. These video adverts are broadcast so frequently that they disrupt the flow of the game. Players now have the option of purchasing Energy, purchasing premium money, or even purchasing a loot box in order to get a competitive advantage inside the game. This makes microtransactions even more aggressive. At least, there is still the option to play the game without an internet connection.

It is true that Vector 2 was successful in reintroducing the adrenaline rush that comes with sprinting in Parkour and overcoming a variety of obstacles. These obstacles come in the shape of extremely difficult tasks, such as lasers and mines. However, because to the introduction of F2P aspects that trap players, it seems to actually limit the fun that may be had from playing, and it is not as freely available as the first Vector. However, playing Vector 2 is still a great way to pass the time, as it is both entertaining and demanding. Are you looking forward to seeing how this Vector game progresses? Immediately download and install Vector 2 on your mobile device.

Game Description Source: Vector 2 @ Google Play

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Vector 2, much like its predecessor, is an autonomous running game to the right in which players have the ability to park over or pass through the different barriers that are there. The controls for the game have not changed; all that is required is to swipe up to leap or dodge obstacles, swipe down to the bottom of the obstacle, and swipe right to go faster. The amount of time required to swipe remains same. The obstacles that stand in the way of Vector 2 are far more dangerous than the ones that stood in the way of Vector 1, therefore this time around it will be a lot more difficult to accomplish.

Vector 2 generator let you add an unlimited money (chips) to your account. Make use of these chips to construct new stunts for your character and upgrade their armour.

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