The Urban Rivals mod apk will provide us with an unlimited credit. Because we have access to Unlimited Credit, we are able to purchase cards of the highest possible level, as well as have Unlimited Clints and Unlimited Tokens.

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Urban Rivals Game Description

Urban Rivals Game

The Urban Rivals game is a strategy card game somewhat similar to yu-gi-oh. The web version of the game was initially introduced in 2006, and the Android version was released in 2011. Despite the fact that both versions have been available for quite some time, the game continues to be entertaining.

We select the cards to match, much like in other strategic card games; however, in this case, we will be given 13 capsules. This capsule serves to increase attack, and the effect of increasing attack by 1 is doubled for every 1 capsule consumed. Following the completion of each round, we are each handed one capsule.

We are each handed a deck in which to keep the cards that will be used during the fight. Because you can carry a large number of cards, but only four of them can be matched, the game presents you with the task of combining different tactics with the cards that are available to you once they have been shuffled.

You are also able to purchase and sell card packs. Buy cards from the market using clints, the in-game currency that may be obtained during battles and from stores to purchase powerful card packs. Alternatively, you can purchase cards using credit, which can be purchased with real-world dollars.

How to utilise it easily, relies mostly on mathematical calculations when calculating opponent assaults that will be employed; the result of these calculations is what decides whether or not we should sacrifice cards or attack. In point of fact, it’s not quite that easy.

For new players, a random number of free cards will be given out. There is no need to make a top-up purchase in order to obtain another card; instead, simply complete the mission to obtain a gift card.

The most fascinating aspect of it. I will emphasise that the most interesting thing is that we have the ability to sell cards that are currently on the market and make clintz.

As a result of the game’s uncanny resemblance to the Yu-Gi-Oh! animation series, Urban Rivals is an excellent choice for those of you who enjoy both casual games and Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition, if you are a gamer who is always on the go, you should play this game.

Game Description Source: Urban Rivals @ Google Play

Urban Rivals MOD APK

Urban Rivals APK mod generator

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Due to the fact that it is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! animation series, the card game Urban Rivals can be used for both casual games and Yu-Gi-Oh! If you are a busy player, you should still consider playing this game.

If you have used the Urban Rivals Cheats, then you will be able to have a qualified squad that is otherwise only obtainable through the shop. You can give your character the most powerful army in the game by using the Unlimited Credits feature.

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