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With Triple Town mod apk, you can get unlimited coins for your journey. You can buy grass and other things with coins.

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Triple Town Game Description

Triple Town Game

You Need All Three To Build A City in This Triple Town. You can play Triple Town, the game that won Facebook’s Best Game from Edge and also got the Runner Up for the Indie Game of the Year, for free on Facebook. Triple Town was also one of the games that was nominated for the award for Indie Game of the Year. If you frequently download games from Google Play, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the name of this game. This game, which was first developed by an independent Playdom developer and launched for Android and iOS versions by Spry Fox, was eventually brought by Disney to enter as a Facebook game since it was seen as being quite popular on the market.

The instructions of this puzzle game with adorable visuals are actually rather straightforward, and the purpose of the game is simply Build your city such that there is no land left. On the other hand, in this uncomplicated game, you will be asked to construct your very own city in an original manner by combining three or more instances of the same thing to create a larger version of that object. If you align the same three things, they will automatically combine into one object that has a higher value than the three objects that were parallel previously. This will happen if you align the same three objects more than once. If you align three grasses, you will get one bush; if you align three bushes, you will obtain a tree. Similarly, if you line three trees, you will get a grass. If you combine four or five different things at once, you will receive a higher score. If your score is higher, you will receive more coins. You can use the money to purchase different kinds of power ups or modify the ambience of your city. What the rules are, Create a larger object by joining together three or more instances of the same item.

The sole resource available to you at the beginning of the game is grass; your objective is to transform this grass into bushes and then transform the bushes into trees. The trees will transform into huts, and the huts will evolve into homes. Additionally, if you locate Crystals, you may combine them with two things that are parallel to one another in order to automatically create larger objects. You should make sure that you only use Crystals for things that are very precious, as it would be a waste if you used Crystals for things that frequently appear, such as grass or shrubs. Make sure that you only use Crystals for things that are truly valuable. If you get the impression that the item you are going to add to the city won’t be used as much, you may temporarily store it in the top left corner, on the brown plate, until you make up your mind. Additionally, if you locate the Royal Bot, you will have the ability to employ it to eliminate an obstacle that is present in your city. Because of its scarcity, Royal Bot should only be used with caution.

Obviously, you won’t breeze through this game if there aren’t any obstacles in your way. You will be harassed by malicious bears on occasion, which will slow down the development of your city. You can eliminate them and turn them into tombs by blocking off all of the roads that they use to travel, or you can make use of Royal Bots, which will kill the bears for you regardless of whether or not their roads are blocked off. If you have successfully slain three bears, you will, of course, be rewarded with a church if the three graves are in a row next to one another.

Game Description Source: Triple Town @ Google Play

Triple Town MOD APK

Triple Town APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Coins
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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If you believe the item you are going to place in town is not as important as you initially thought, you can temporarily store it on a brown plate in the top left corner. You may even utilise the Royal Bot to remove anything from your town if you so want. Make unlimited use as possible of Royal Bot because Royal Bot is rather rare.

You can acquire coins by using the Triple Town Cheats. You can brighten up your abode with the help of these coins by using them to decorate it.

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