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Transformers Earth Wars Game Description

Transformers Earth Wars Game

Today marks the day when Transformers Earth Wars, the mobile strategy game that was introduced by Backflip four months ago, is officially available for download on the App Store as well as Google Play. This one Transformers game uses a basic gameplay approach that is similar to Clash of Clans, but with a theme and feature approach that is not the same as the game developed by Supercell, as I saw back in February, this one Transformers game takes a different approach.

In Earth Wars: Transformers, you will not be able to build massive numbers of units in order to totally storm the headquarters of your adversary, which is defended by turrets on many sides. Instead, you will take control of two to four hero troops, each of which possesses unique skills that may be used to destroy the headquarters of your opponent across many strategic places.

I hope that after reading the headline above you won’t become bored when you see news about mobile apps that take the strategic game format popularized by Clash of Clans. To tell the truth, games of this type of genre have been seen pretty frequently on the mobile platform, and now it is the time of the robots from the Transformers cartoon series to try their luck at it.

Transformers Earth Wars is a strategy video game that was developed by Space Ape Games and published by BackFlip Studio. The game features a number of well-known characters from the Transformers robot toy line, giving it the potential to stand out in a market that is already saturated with similar titles.

The primary purpose of Transformers Earth Wars, much like the primary objective of most other strategy games, is to win the game. After making your choice, you will either join forces with Optimus Prime and the Autobot robot swarm or with Megatron and the Decepticon robot swarm, and then you will formulate a plan to prevail in the conflict between the robots that is taking place on earth.

It’s not unusual for games of this type to let players choose between a couple of distinct sides or factions. But in order to ensure that Transformers Earth Wars is remembered for a long time, Hasbro, the owner of this well-known French license, has appointed the Transformers comic writer Simon Furman to work on the narrative of this video game. This promises to be a really intriguing sort of fan service.

When I initially started playing the game, the tension that was going on reminded me of something that happens in nearly every Transformers animated program. According to a remark from Simon Furman in USA Today, But as you play more frequently, you will progressively comprehend Megatron’s aspirations and what he wants on this globe.

The gameplay trailer for Transformers Earth Wars had already been widely disseminated around the internet before the game was ever formally introduced. The beta test for the game had been running since the end of 2015, and it only started yesterday. As of the time this article was written, Backflip Studio intended to release Transformers Earth Wars on iOS (and potentially Android) between the months of March and June of this year.

Therefore, are you prepared to plot with Decepticons or engage in combat with Autobots in order to compete for control of the earth by means of the existence of this game at some point in the future? Hold tight for word on when we will emerge victorious from the Transformers Earth Wars!

Game Description Source: Transformers Earth Wars @ Google Play

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I hope that reading tales about mobile games that are modelled after the Clash of Clans game model has not become tedious for you. These types of game genres have in fact been encountered previously, and now they are going to Transformers robots, who are going to try their luck with them.

Getting unlimited everything in Transformers Earth Wars generator is equivalent to getting cyber coins through the game. They allow you to bypass certain upgrades as well as a variety of other activities.

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