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Traffic Puzzle Game Description

Traffic Puzzle Game

Congestion in is something that one should expect to witness on a daily basis. However, we have no choice but to applaud the efforts of the police officers who are working to direct the flow of traffic in an effort to alleviate the congestion. In the adorable puzzle game dubbed Traffic Puzzle, which was developed and distributed by Huuuge Global, the role of the law enforcement officer has been given to you this time.

The match-three gameplay of Traffic Puzzle is given a fresh new spin with the inclusion of vehicular traffic. In this game, we need to assist two cool police officers in launching a hectic and chaotic traffic situation in the city. Be cautious, though, for the nefarious Lucre will keep causing disruptions in the flow of commerce.

In its most fundamental form, Traffic Puzzle is a match-three puzzle; however, in comparison to other match-three puzzles, this game features an independent mechanism that sets it apart. On the playing field, there will be a pile of cars that are jumbled up, and the player’s objective is to rearrange the cars that are dealt to them in such a manner that there are three vehicles of the same colour lined up in a row. The three automobiles of the same colour will move out of the way as soon as they are placed, which will allow traffic to move more freely in that location. The players are only allowed a limited number of vehicles to set, and if they run out of cars while the traffic is still backed up, they will lose a life.

Pay close attention to each vehicle that is present on the playing area. They are similar to impatient drivers in that they will attempt to go forward as soon as there is an opening. If the players are successful in clearing the path in front of them of traffic, then they will proceed forward until they reach another set of challenges. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration because if they are successful in exiting the playing field, then they are seen as being free.

Players are often presented with a mission at the beginning of each level. This objective can take the form of removing all automobiles from the flow of traffic, rescuing an ambulance that is caught in the flow of traffic, or clearing the tracks of any obstructions. In addition to variants such as this one that make the game more enjoyable, there are also problems that make the game more difficult, such as the existence of a wall or a traffic cone that can only be removed by matching it to the side. The method of complexity that is utilised by this puzzle is, to a greater or lesser extent, comparable to that utilised by other match-three puzzles.

In addition to the standard match-three gameplay, Traffic Puzzle features power-ups that may be utilised to assist in the completion of individual levels. There is a Joker vehicle that is a rainbow car, which means that it can be any colour. There is also a Clown car that can clean the items that are surrounding it. In addition, there is a Police car.

When people hear the term traffic congestion, the first thing that typically comes to their minds is the noise, dust, and smoke that are produced by the vehicles. You should realise that the traffic bottlenecks that take place in Traffic Puzzle are actually rather endearing to look at. This is due to the fact that the artwork that is typically utilised is of the chibi variety, and the vehicles that are present on the playing field do not appear like real automobiles but rather like chibi cars that are just as adorable.

Match-three puzzle games are often made available for free play, and Traffic Puzzle is not all that dissimilar in this regard. Although it is possible to play this game without an Internet connection, players are required to connect to the Internet before they can begin the game. This game makes use of the Life system, as has already been explained, and there is also a microtransaction available for purchasing coins that may be used to continue playing the game in the event that it is completed.

The fact that it is a match-three puzzle does not change the fact that Traffic Puzzle is an original game that deserves to be played at least once. As the players take on the role of the police officers on duty in this game, their responsibilities will include assisting the ambulance in navigating the congested area, assisting parents in retrieving their children, clearing the road of debris, freeing the train tracks from a traffic jam, and assisting the helicopter in landing in the appropriate location.

Game Description Source: Traffic Puzzle @ Google Play

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The traffic problem is still a match-three puzzle, but the unique atmosphere of this game is what makes it stand out. Let’s assist the ambulance in getting out of the way of the traffic, helping the parents pick up their children, clearing the street of the debris, releasing the trains from the traffic jam, and instead assisting the helicopter in landing.

Use the Traffic Puzzle generator to acquire an unlimited money. Continue to play with the feature that gives you unlimited lives.

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