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Toon Blast Game Description

Toon Blast Game

I’d like to introduce you to three zany cartoon creatures named Bruno Bear, Wally Wolf, and Cooper Cat. Bruno is a bear, Wally is a wolf, and Cooper is a cat. Toon Blast is a cartoon puzzle game set in the wackiest and most hilarious cartoon universe imaginable, and they are the primary characters of the game. At least, it is what the game’s creator, Peak Games, said to be the case.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the match-three puzzle game in general has inspired more than one variation, and Toon Blast is one of those variations. The objective of the game is not to align at least three icons in a row on the screen; rather, the player’s job is to eliminate from the playing field any group of two or more icons that share the same color by tapping on them. The players are unable to move any of the elements on the screen.

As always, there are exceptional amounts to manufacture unique things. Eliminating five or six icons of the same color will result in the production of a rocket that can clear one column or one row. Clearing seven icons of the same color will result in the production of a bomb, and clearing nine icons at once, if successful, would result in the production of a strobe. In point of fact, if you manage to combine two bombs in a successful manner, you will build a big bomb, and if you manage to combine a bomb with a strobe, you will produce a large number of bombs on the screen!

Typically, there is a goal for each level that specifies how much of one hue must be removed. Players have a limited number of steps to complete, and in order to advance to the next level, they must successfully accomplish the previous level’s objectives. Sometimes, in addition to cleaning icons, players may also be required to clear other types of things, such as balloons, which can only be cleared by clearing colors in the surrounding area, or they will be instructed to move an object to the bottom of the screen.

Following the successful completion of a level, a Toon Blast! will take place, during which the unexplored areas of the playing field will be randomly filled with rockets. In addition, this rocket will be launched concurrently in order to considerably raise the score. After successfully completing a stage, players will be rewarded with a star. This star may be used to unlock a treasure chest known as the Star Chest, which has a range of different items within. These items may be in the form of money, or they may be a variety of game boosters that can assist the player in various ways, such as bombs or rockets.

On the other hand, the player will lose one Life if they are unable to complete a certain level. This will cause the counter to decrease. Toon Blast makes use of this particular method for tracking stamina. It is not a restriction to playing the game, but rather it is a limit to how much you can lose. Players have the option to pay with coins to get an additional 5 movements, which will save them from losing a life.

After reaching level 20, players will be able to utilize the features available to their teams. In this team, users have the option to either build their own team or join existing teams. Teams provide benefits such as free lives and coins for members, as well as the ability to communicate with other players.

Toon Blast boasts a delightfully cartoonish aesthetic, just as one might expect from a game with that name. Not only does the humorous cartoon artwork accompanying each character, such as that of Bruno Bear, Wally Wolf, and Cooper Cat, but they also each have a little animation that plays whenever they catch sight of you engaging in the puzzle game. Sadly, the defeated expressions on these cartoon characters’ animated faces do not change at all when they experience failure.

Toon Blast is a game that can be played for free and does not include any in-game adverts. You may play the game even if you do not have an online connection, and even while there are microtransactions that allow you to buy different sorts of boosters, doing so is not required to play this game. The stamina system, which takes the shape of Life, is also very just because there is no need for waiting time at all if you are capable of finishing all of the game’s stages. If you have access to the Internet, then you will also be able to view the Toon Blast Leaderboard, which is segmented according to the world or even according to your area, depending on which you choose.

However, the hype from the creator of Peak Games about the funniest cartoon puzzle adventure game, the craziest cartoon universe, the craziest level, and the wildest experience you’ve ever had in your life is not at all suggested in this game at all. Toon Blast is a new take on the classic match-three puzzle genre, but it has a ton of cartoony graphics and characters. There was nothing remarkable or humorous about it. Despite this, the several versions of the match-three puzzle each have their own distinct characteristics, and it certainly won’t harm to give them a shot. And when will there be another puzzle game like Toon Blast that does not have any advertisements?

Game Description Source: Toon Blast @ Google Play

Toon Blast MOD APK

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If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the most significant modifications to the original puzzle game was the addition of a third game. It is not the player’s job to get three or more icons to appear on the screen; rather, the player’s objective is to simply tap two or more icons of the same colour in order to remove them from the playing field. The players on the screen are unable to make any movements.

The higher your level, the more challenging the round that you have to play through will be. You can acquire an unlimited everything by using the Toon Blast Cheats. To assist each ababk in avoiding defeat, collect the various boosters.

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