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Obtain an unlimited gold by using The Walking Dead Our World mod apk. Gold can be used to acquire a sufficient coins to trade for a variety of items, including a Coin Energy Pack. On the other hand, certain items can only be acquired by spending gold. As an illustration, there is the Essential Consumable that includes a Starter Crate, First Aid Kit, Bunch of Grenades, and Terminus Map. In addition to that, there are also a variety of Card Packs that cannot be acquired through any other means besides the use of Gold as a currency. The Survivor Pack, Veteran Pack, and Elite Pack are the three varieties of card packs available.

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The Walking Dead Our World Game Description

The Walking Dead Our World Game

The Walking Dead: Our World has at long last been made available to the general public. You may now experience what it’s like to hunt zombies in the same way that you hunt Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This game was announced for the first time approximately a year ago, and the gameplay is identical to that of Pokemon Go, which is an augmented reality game based on GPS (AR).

Therefore, you will search the surrounding area for zombies by walking about. However, rather of bringing zombies back to life and keeping them as pets, you will need to exterminate the undead.

You will come across zombies roaming the world around you, just like you did with Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which may be found in numerous locations. Whether you’re on the road, at home, or even in your own bedroom, it may happen anywhere. It is necessary to tap the screen in the direction of the zombies in order to defeat them. When you touch the screen, the character you’re using will fire their weapon.

When compared to Pokemon GO, there are also a number of other important changes. You will be on your own for the entirety of Niantic’s game, which features solo questing and combat. In the meanwhile, you may play The Walking Dead: Our World, in which you will escape the zombie apocalypse with characters from The Walking Dead television series, such as Rick, Daryl, and Michonne.

You will also be forced to move about and go on adventures in order to locate zombies. This is done so that your character can get more powerful while engaging in battle against zombies of equal or greater strength. You will earn experience and money that may be traded in for character upgrades according to the number of zombies that you successfully kill.

There will be a connection between The Walking Dead: Our World and Google Maps. The developer, Next Games, has stated that they would supply data that is captured in real time from various areas using Google Maps. This is done with the intention that the game would be able to present the user with an immersive experience that is tied to their location.

Game Description Source: The Walking Dead Our World @ Google Play

The Walking Dead Our World MOD APK

The Walking Dead Our World APK mod generator

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The Walking Dead: Our World incorporates Google Maps into its gameplay. According to Next Games, the developer would get access to real-time data obtained from various locations on Google Maps. This is intended to present the player with an immersive setting that is pertinent to their place in the game.

The Walking Dead Our World generator will grant you access to an unlimited money. Completing card packs will make it easier to eliminate zombies.

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