Super Starfish MOD APK Unlimited Moonstones

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Get unlimited moonstones by using Super Starfish mod apk. Improve your starfish journey to the sky and get many power ups.

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Super Starfish Game Description

Super Starfish Game

One of the animals that may be found living in water is fish. There are a lot of different ways to appreciate fish. Some people like to watch them swim about in an aquarium, while others want to maintain fish in a pond. Surprisingly, there are also individuals who like to eat fish since it is such a tasty dish. However, there is yet another way to appreciate fish, and that is through taking part in an amazing game known as Super Starfish.

In the video game Super Starfish, often known as the Sling Kong game, the player takes on the role of an extraterrestrial fish that must navigate the universe while avoiding asteroids, black holes, and other hazards along the way. The game was developed by Protostar.

A very basic command and control system is supplied for the outer space fish so that it can be managed. The player can only move the fish to the left or right by swiping left or right on the touch screen in order to accomplish this. The fish will always swim ahead.

Along the course of the fish’s trip through space, he will encounter stars and other items that he is free to take with him. This will result in a significant rise to the player’s score, and there may also be a Shell that can be collected in some instances. This shell serves as a form of cash that can be utilised inside the game and may be exchanged for new fish and benefits when the volcano is activated.

There are a number of hazards on the playing field that may cause the outer space fish to lose their lives, so it is prudent to avoid picking up stars and Shell whenever possible. There are meteors that may go in any direction, there are lethal fire shoots, and other hazards that need precise dodging skills. Keep in mind that the fish cannot swim higher or lower, thus it is up to the player to choose which area presents a lower risk.

It was said by Protostar that in order to display the Super Starfish images, a novel method was utilised, and that it appeared legitimately on the screen. The travels of the fish from outer space will be shown in a dazzling array of hues and accompanied by awe-inspiring visual effects. And definitely not to be missed is the stunning sight of the alien fish, which is certain to leave you speechless.

In addition to, you know, going on adventures as a space fish, players in this game also have the option of tending to an aquarium in space. This aquarium will be open to the free movement of the many species of space fish that have been captured by the gamers thus far. Do you know that, in point of fact, the aquarium may also be adorned with a wide selection of different decorations?

One of the benefits of the Super Starfish game, which is offered in a free-to-play format, is the fact that it may be played without an internet connection. This game does not require a connection to the internet in any way to be played, and there is also no endurance system that restricts the amount of time that may be spent playing at one time. As is customary, there is a shop within the game where players may purchase the premium money known as Moonstones. Regardless of what you purchase, the in-game advertisements that are a nuisance will be removed.

Everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, may enjoy the simple yet fascinating gameplay of Super Starfish. This adorable alien fish will win your heart over in no time at all.

Game Description Source: Super Starfish @ Google Play

Super Starfish MOD APK

Super Starfish APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Moonstones
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Everyone can quickly pick up and become immersed in the action of Super Starfish. This outdoor fish is so cute, you’re going to fall in love with him!

If you use the Super Starfish Cheats, you will be able to acquire an unlimited money. Make use of these moonstones to clear every obstacle and gain a advantages during the course of your gameplay.

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