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Strongblade Game Description

Strongblade Game

It is possible to start having fun with a match-three puzzle game right away, with no need for any backstory or explanation. However, most of the time, game creators will add some fascinating story elements that may be followed by gathering stars from each match-three puzzle level that is played. This is, more or less, what the developer Devokir accomplished with their match-three puzzle game StrongBlade.

The player of StrongBlade assumes the role of a fantasy world-exploring fighter mouse while playing the game. During the course of his voyage, he will have the ability to assist other characters and persuade them to become members of the band of heroes. He will also be able to sail, unlock treasure boxes, fix ponds, and so on. Let’s go on an adventure along with this fighting mouse and solve some match-three puzzles.

The match-three puzzle that serves as Strongblade’s core game is, in all honesty, not that unlike from those found in other games. When it comes to matching, players are given a variety of colorful gems that need to be arranged such that there are at least three or more of the same hue in a row. When more than three gems are placed, unique power ups will be produced. These power ups may be used to eliminate a single target and include column and row cleaners, explosives, and wasps. In addition, players have the ability to build unique power ups by arranging stones in a square pattern that is two by two.

If the player is able to combine two different power ups, then they will mutually benefit from the combination. Bombs that come into contact with column cleaners will generate bombs that clean columns, or two bombs will produce bombs that are larger than the first, and so on.

As is customary, the player is provided with a certain amount of actions that can be completed in order to accomplish his goal. If the player is unable to complete the objective, the game will be considered a failure and the player will lose a life. However, if the player want to proceed with the game, they will need to spend a certain number of coins.

StrongBlade features a variety of objectives, some of which require the player to move the mouse to a specific location while others require them to eliminate obstacles on the screen by forming pairs of objects that are adjacent to one another. StrongBlade also features goals that require the player to eliminate obstacles on the screen by matching objects to those that are adjacent to them. The rat will go down the route once it has been cleared, and it is imperative that it arrives at its objective before the allotted number of steps is depleted.

StrongBlade offers players a wide variety of power ups and boosters, which may be used to assist in the completion of match-three puzzles. For instance, utilizing a sword to remove a point from the playing field or using a booster to manufacture power ups at the beginning of a level are both examples of strategies that may be implemented.

At each area, players will have the opportunity to establish a base for the rat to call home. There are expenses that need to be borne in order to establish this camp at its current location. This cost, on the other hand, is not paid in the form of money but rather in the form of stars, which are earned by successfully completing each puzzle match-three level. This is a building a house session, much like the ones you get in match-three puzzle games with themes like Gardenscapes or Township. In this case, though, we’re not actually building anything.

The artwork in StrongBlade is rather endearing, and it is backed with effects that cause the match-three puzzle game session to grow more congested. Fantasy World StrongBlade also features an intricate animation, which allows players to see the mouse construct its own camp in order to get livelier while being accompanied by a soothing melody. Congratulations to the designer who was able to give the StrongBlade universe the appearance of being animated.

Those who are anxious about their Internet requirements will soon be able to take a deep breath and relax. This StrongBlade game does not require a player to have an active internet connection in order to participate. However, as was just said, there is a Life system that has the potential to run out if the player keeps getting game over messages. For those that want extra coins, a microtransaction that allows for the purchase of these coins with real money is available.

Game Description Source: Strongblade @ Google Play

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The match-three puzzle that serves as Strongblade’s main game is not all that dissimilar from others. The players are given a collection of multicoloured gems, each of which must be matched with at least three others of the same hue in order to progress. The collection of more than three gems will result in the production of unique power-ups, such as cleaners for columns and rows, explosives, and guesspotters, each of which may eliminate a single target. In addition, players may line up gems in a 2×2 grid in order to get unique power ups.

You can get an unlimited money by using the Strongblade Cheats. Utilizing this mod will make most of the levels much simpler to complete.

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