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On the other hand, the Seven Guardians mod apk grants the player an unlimited diamonds to use in the game. You can use them to get an unlimited gold as well as an unlimited supplies.

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Seven Guardians Game Description

Seven Guardians Game

Seven Guardians, and Other Games Like Clash Royale That Are Based on Nordic Mythology! If you are getting tired of playing Clash Royale, then you should try your hand at this game! Seven Guardians is a strategy game that is very similar to the game Clash Royale, although the battlefield in Seven Guardians is only presented as a single lane. Or, if you have ever participated in Cartoon Wars, you will not be acquainted with the game that bears this one Nordic War of Mythology character.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Thor series, you probably have have a good grasp on the overarching storyline of this game.

The story goes that the game takes place in nine different mythical realms known collectively as Nine World (including Midgard, Asgard, and Alfheim, among others), all of which were formerly prosperous and peaceful. However, as a result of the undead being resurrected, the formerly lush area has become barren, desolate, and shrouded in shadow. Friends turn become foes, and those who are more vulnerable are forced to take refuge in their own houses as they face rising levels of oppression. But there are seven courageous knights who are not scared of the might of darkness; they wish to put an end to the invasion of the undead so that peace can be restored.

However, in order to prevail in the conflict, they will need a strategist, and you are that person. In keeping with the name of the game, Seven Guardians has seven unique units, each of which is tasked with a certain function on the battlefield.

The following is a list of the seven units: Warrior, When engaging its foes, this conventional army favours close-quarters combat with melee weapons. is a force that operates on foot and possesses balancing capabilities. Rogue, In addition to this, they are a pedestrian force that engages in combat at close range. They were, however, able to run, which allowed them to catch up to the troops who had assaulted him before they did. Defender, This force has a big shield that it uses to defend the forces that are following after it. They are also capable of attacking, but extremely slowly. Hunter, They launch their assault from a distance using arrows. The Defender, who is able to guard it from the front, is an excellent juxtaposition to have.

Wizard, The wizard may also strike from a distance, but because they employ magic to do it, the opponent’s physical protections are rendered useless against them. Golem, One way to think of it is as a massive army that has exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities. But they moved and attacked in a very deliberate manner! Warlord, This horseman’s spear of battle is quite a lethal weapon, and he uses it in his attack. In accordance with the rules of the game, you have the opportunity to raise the ranks of your seven troops, giving them access to improved and more powerful skills as well as new ones.

There are also series features, in which each character will have particular traits, such as Fire, Ice, Explosive, and so on and so forth. The player versus player (PVP) functionality is also available in this game’s Arena and City Attack & Defend game types.

Game Description Source: Seven Guardians @ Google Play

Seven Guardians MOD APK

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Or, if you have ever played the game Cartoon Wars, then you are not going to be familiar with the game that accompanies this one Nordic War of Mythology.

By making use of Seven Guardians Cheats, you can acquire not only gold and supplies but also a great deal of other content within the game. This is the most up-to-date cheat for mobile games, which is now available.

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