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The Royal Revolt 2 mod apk gives you access to an unlimited gems for your account. You have the most flexibility in how you spend them, allowing you to improve not only your buildings and workers but also yourself.

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Royal Revolt 2 Game Description

Royal Revolt 2 Game

Royal Revolt 2 is a free-to-play tower defence video game with a kingdom-based setting. Keen Flare is a member of the team of flaregames developers that worked on the creation of this mobile game. App Store customers using iOS versions were able to get it on February 25th, 2014 when it was made available. At this time, the Editors’ Choice section of the App Store Worldwide has Royal Revolt 2 as one of its featured products. Those of you who are interested in learning more about this mobile game may instantly view the trailer video that has been provided below.

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the game that was originally titled Royal Revolt. In both games, the player assumes the role of a king and is tasked with expanding his realm, invading the realms of other players, or defending his realm from attacks launched by other players in order to achieve number one glory.

Before you can begin playing, much like with other mobile games, you will first be taken through a series of tutorials that explain the game’s mechanics and describe the many options that are available. After you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to begin free-form gameplay in Royal Revolt 2 immediately.

The primary objective of playing a tower defence game is to stay alive for as long as possible while being attacked by enemies; yet, the gameplay in this game can be the exact reverse of tower defence. Your first focus should be on launching an assault on the adversary’s kingdom within the allotted window of time. You will take control of the monarch and lead the troops you summon into battle against the other kingdom.

These troops will move on their own at all times, and you will be able to command them so long as you have the required quantity of energy. At the start of the game, you will only have access to warriors of the warrior type. In the not too distant future, you will have the ability to call out a wide variety of other sorts of soldiers, such as archers, paladins, frosters, and a great deal of other options.

In addition to sending out warriors, you have the ability to construct a number of other facilities, including a farm, tavern, barracks, throne chamber, and a great deal more. You may improve your buildings and your soldiers’ skills via the use of upgrades, which will undoubtedly be of great use to you in the course of combat.

Scroll and spell are two types of magical powers that the king or character possesses and that you have control over when engaging in combat with adversaries. The key distinction is that this particular spell draws its power from the energy that you refer to as the soldier that it carries. The cost of scrolling is quite high due to the fact that it requires gems, which are a form of premium cash, in order to bring out all of its powers. Therefore, despite the fact that the scroll’s strength is superior to that of the spell, it is still quite expensive and, sadly, it cannot be used indefinitely.

Gems may often be acquired by completing a variety of accessible quests, such as constructing a particular number of towers, producing a specific sort of soldier, or completing one of the many other possible missions; however, these quests typically only provide between two and six gems. Gems have a variety of uses, including, but not limited to, facilitating the reading of scrolls and accelerating the construction of buildings and towers.

Building something new or improving an existing structure requires an investment of both time and money. The higher the degree, the bigger the additional that can be gained, but also the greater the additional cost and the lengthier the development time. The gem is the one and only item that can swiftly put an end to it. It’s a shame, considering that making an in-app payment to acquire many gem packages involves a significant investment of cash (real money).

In order to bolster the security of your kingdom, in addition to constructing buildings, you may also construct highways and turrets. Fascinatingly, in order to protect your castle, you may construct one or more turrets, as well as a road that is fairly twisting and to which you can add traps. It is likely that other players will have a more difficult and lengthy time attacking your castle if you build winding pathways and a large number of barriers and install them.

To operate the game utilising the touchscreen interface, all you need to do is tap a few times to get the hang of things. Due to the fact that this gaming programme is compatible with both joystick controllers and MOGA ACE POWER, you have the option of using either one. Logitech POWERSHELL and MOGA ACE POWER are only two examples. The visuals in this area have not seen any substantial shifts and remain the same as they were in the first season, which had a captivating 3D visual presentation.

This is the review that we have prepared after playing the Royal Revolt 2 game, which is available for free-to-play. The creation of the game itself takes a considerable amount of time, which is why its progression is moving at such a snail’s pace thus far. Nevertheless, playing this game is pretty engaging, and it has the potential to prevent players from becoming overly addicted to playing this mobile game. For the time being, this game is exclusively available on iOS; however, if you find that the first series of games is available on Android, there is a good chance that this second series will also be available in the Google Play Store.

Game Description Source: Royal Revolt 2 @ Google Play

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

Royal Revolt 2 APK mod generator

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In addition to erecting dwellings, you may strengthen the defences of your Kingdom by building roadways and fortifications such as towers. In order to defend your castle, you may construct a meandering route, set up some traps, and build one or more turrets. It is quite interesting. The longer an assault on your castle takes and more difficult it is for other players to do so depends on how many barriers there are and how winding the routes are.

If you use the Royal Revolt 2 Cheats, you will be able to get unlimited money in a roundabout way. In reality, it is unlimited gold, which can be changed into any other resource by employing the cheat engine’s obtained gems.

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