Rocket Star MOD APK Unlimited Space Cash

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By using the Rocket Star mod apk, you can acquire an unlimited Space Cash. You can use them to do certain tasks within the game, such as exchanging videos for gems and star coins or completing certain projects.

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Rocket Star Game Description

Rocket Star Game

Rocket Star is a lighthearted game in which the player takes on the role of the manager of a rocket manufacturing firm. We will be able to recognise each of the components by making use of a visual design that is created in two dimensions, and we will do it in a way that is both straightforward and comprehensive.

Rocket Star has a control mechanism that is similar to a clicker, and in order for us to advance in the game, we will need to click on the various items that are available to us. When we first get started, we won’t have a lot of coins to invest. On the other hand, as the competition continues, we will be able to amass more resources, which will speed up the production of the new ships that we will use to explore the galaxy.

Chris, our resident astronaut, will be in charge of directing our progress through each and every level. Because of this, we will be reading his directions so that we may maintain control over the procedures that we are required to carry out. On the other hand, if we wish to enhance the capabilities of our workshop and use them to create rockets of ever more complexity, we will be required to increase our level. This will be an absolute need. The fact that we will have to click on particular buttons in order to successfully finish each launch is yet another amusing feature of this experience.

Rocket Star is a game that will keep us glued to the screens of our Android smartphones since the goal of the game is to construct a fleet of spacecraft that we can then send into space. To acquire the benefits that will assist us in expanding our company, our major goal will be to click on the various aspects using straightforward mechanisms. This will enable us to do so.

Game Description Source: Rocket Star @ Google Play

Rocket Star MOD APK

Rocket Star APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Space Cash
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Videos of Rocket Star MOD APK


Rocket Star is going to keep us glued to the screen of our Android smartphones all night long, and the principle of the game is that we are going to construct several ships in space. To acquire the benefits that will allow us to expand our company, the major task at hand, which involves the use of straightforward mechanics, is to click on the relevant pieces.

Rocket Star generator enable you to acquire an unlimited money. Make improvements to your basecamp and work quickly to construct all of the facilities on the base.

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