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Rivals at War 2084 Game Description

Rivals at War 2084 Game

If you didn’t know any better, you may not guess that this game involves card battles just by looking at the image. Before I downloaded it and played it on my own, I couldn’t help but feel a bit duped. In case you were wondering, Rival at War 2084 is a continuation of the game Rival at War (no frills 2084) which is mostly an action game.

You will take on the role of the commander of the space war in 2084, and it will be your responsibility to organise an army and devise strategies to combat the adversary. The scale of the conflict you will confront will be manageable due to the fact that each fight will only require you to select six troops, who are represented by playing cards. Because each force possesses unique characteristics of accuracy, damage, defence, speed, and health, you will need to put a lot of thought into the makeup of your squad in order to achieve a sense of equilibrium. In addition, each army has the potential to get various pieces of equipment, including armour, weaponry, and skill cards.

Cards serve as representations not just of the armies you command but also of the strategies you employ while playing this game. The distinction is that the tactics that you deploy are like disposable aliases; after they have been employed in a fight, the corresponding strategy card will be removed from play. Strategies that you have a large number of, such as strategies to survive successfully, playing leaning to the headshot, or strategies to grow inventory of ammo. Strategies that you have a large number of.

It is possible to continue playing even if all of your strategy cards have been used up because applying tactics is not required. Buying a card pack with a random assortment of cards is the technique to replenish your hand of cards in this game, which is precisely the same as the method used in other combat card games.

The aspect of this game that can cause you to rack your brain and motivate you to acquire even more cards is a feature that awards you with a bonus team status if the six troops you select are all from the same planet or consist of troops that each have different jobs. This bonus team status is very helpful because it can make it simpler for you to win battles.

Because you can’t engage in combat with the game’s computer-controlled enemies, the combat system in this game can feel rather overpowering at times. Yes, you are need to be online in order to play this game, and the only other person you will face is yourself. Because the method that is being utilised is a matchmaking system, you will not be able to pick who your opponent is ready from or where your opponent is coming from; rather, the gaming system will determine everything in such a manner that you will have no choice but to accept fate.

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The matching algorithm, to its credit, categorises teams according to their respective levels. You will only be paired with other players who are also at the initial level if, for instance, your squad is still in the beginning stages of the game’s progression. The matching system itself will continue to evolve, and if the level of your team is high enough, your team will be included in a 10-team league. In this league, you will compete against 9 other players to accumulate the most points and come out on top of the rankings.

The quest system is also utilised here; however, it has a tendency to appear unremarkable due to the fact that it focuses solely on achieving arbitrary goals such as winning a battle once, playing five times, being in the top three in the standings, etc. You will still receive a bonus of experience points, money, or cards whether you win or lose, but of course, if you win the bonus, you will receive a greater amount than if you accept loss.

This card warfare game may be rather challenging for those who are just starting out because there are so many different strategies and tactics to learn. It is necessary to have patience and put in a number of flying hours, which is a considerable amount of time, in order to become familiar with and comprehend this game. In addition, I do not believe that this game’s tutorial is designed with new players in mind, but for those of you who have experience with other card combat games, I doubt that this will be a problem for you.

Your fight against the other players may be viewed in 3D, or you can choose to bypass it entirely and go straight to the results, which will reveal right away who came out on top and who came out on bottom. If you wish to watch it, the display that you will see will be comparable to what you saw when you became a spectator in the Counter Strike game; however, the main difference is that you will be able to observe the squad that you have assembled yourself, complete with strategies.

Because this is a card fight, you will have no influence over your soldiers in any way, and this is an important point to keep in mind. The manoeuvres of the forces are well done, but I find that I cannot like watching the battles between the AIs for some reason. Perhaps it’s because they have a tendency to waste time, but I would rather skip through to the results of the conflict.

The level of detail in the game’s many assets is not very impressive. There are some straightforward 3D pictures there that won’t make you smile. It’s just that this game does a really amazing job at portraying space, and because of that, it’s easy to get the sense that there’s a war going on in space without it feeling forced.

The card combat game genre gets a fresh coat of paint with the release of Game Rivals at War: 2084. This game is able to show new colours in the world of card combat games, which often look and play the same way, thanks to its complete 3D war display and its league matchmaking mechanism. For gamers who only sometimes engage in card combat games, the absence of this game essentially amounts to a difficult-to-catch instruction.

Game Description Source: Rivals at War 2084 @ Google Play

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The fighting game genre receives a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Game Rivals at War: 2084. With its complete 3D battle display and its associated League system, this game will bring fresh hues to the world of card fighting games, which look to be quite similar to those.

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