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You will have the upper hand if you use the Redcon mod apk. You will receive an unlimited credit, which will assist you in building your fortress. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to improve your tank.

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REDCON Game Description


A Real-Time Strategy video game with a military theme and a developer from the Chechen Republic were effective in making me experience three opposing emotions at the same time while I was playing: excitement, irritation, and nervousness. Hexage, formerly known for the highly successful Reaper game title: Tale of a Pale Swordsman, is now introducing its most recent game title, Redcon, for the Android and iOS platforms.

In reference to the name of the game and how it is connected to its backstory, Redcon is an abbreviation that stands for readiness conditions (also known as Red-Con), which is a phrase that is frequently utilised in the context of the military. It is a method of communication that has the purpose of regulating the movement of a military unit while it is carrying out operations, and this is its duty. In light of the fact that, in order to win at this game, you need to put in a lot of work in terms of preparation and strategy before engaging in combat, this makes perfect sense to me.

The Redcon game takes place in a made-up planet and depicts the narrative of an uprising against a traitorous commander in that realm. Who would have believed that this would lead to the beginning of the global war at that time? It didn’t end there.

Since you are the most capable warlord, an Emperor has entrusted you with the mission of putting an end to the conflict once and for all by vanquishing the enemy general and all of his soldiers. It is anticipated of you that if you employ the resources that are available to you during the game, you will be able to make full use of those resources. As a result, the outcome of this crucial war will be determined by you, commander.

Although I would argue that the gameplay in Redcon is easy to play, it is actually rather difficult. Complicated as a result of the availability of enhanced features and the players’ ability to freely combine strategy and tactics in their play. It is simple since the combat mechanism in Redcon demands some level of comprehension.

Automatic assault artillery employs a mechanism that is analogous to the ATB feature, also known as the attack time battle (like the JRPG). But in addition to that, we have to ensure that the crew and the resources are being managed as efficiently as possible while simultaneously coming up with the best strategy to win the game.

As a result, you shouldn’t anticipate to have the game mechanics mastered in a short amount of time. Because of it, I myself continue to endure defeat and difficulties when playing.

In spite of the absence of a selectable difficulty level, you should not be under the impression that the foes you face will be simple to vanquish. Their gaming plan has the potential to suddenly cause you to lose at any point. The adversary becomes more powerful and equipped with more powerful weapons as the game proceeds. It usually takes me longer than two hours to complete a single level.

Therefore, the most important factor in determining whether or not one is successful in this game is the preparation of a potent plan, the upgrade, the appropriate assault time, and the understanding of the roles of each available resource. It is hardly surprising that Hexage has provided a tutorial for playing Redcon on their blog.

During the course of the game, you will have the ability to manage two separate factions: the military and the artillery crew. There are a variety of consequences that military troops may have on each resource. At the same time, you can set up your artillery anyway you see fit. Each type of artillery possesses a unique set of capabilities. Some of them are able to shoot bullets that flashbang, and others can fire nine shots at once. Nevertheless, juggling all of them at once will almost certainly cause you to feel lightheaded.

The strain may, thankfully, be lightened thanks to the pause feature that is included in this game. I just pressed the touchscreen in the exact centre of the display, and the fight came to an immediate halt.

Nevertheless, it never ceases to amaze me because even if the game is paused, I am still able to fiddle with artillery and military troops to formulate and combine the next combat plan and tactics. With the pause mode, I can improve my chances of victory over the opponent, or I may just take a little break to stretch the muscles in my neck that have been hurting me.

However, there is something that really gets under my skin. The number of military personnel aboard Redcon appears to be rather low. Having to control them through a screen that is just four inches tall is not something that makes me feel comfortable. Even in pause mode. It is possible for it to deliver the highest possible level of play comfort if it is played on a tablet or smartphone that has a big screen.

You have three different iAP bidding choices to choose from while playing the Redcon game, and each one deserves some consideration. The most advantageous choice, which will award you with credit, an increase and additions to the artillery varieties, as well as other extra resources. In addition to that, you will be granted unrestricted access to the Redcon game. An alluring proposition.

The issue that has to be answered now is, Is the price that is being provided reasonable? The answer must be contingent on the resources available to each participant. Consider the following before deciding whether or not to purchase it: Do you know the sort of gamer that is present within yourself? Does this game make a good initial impression, as well as an overall impression? The question then is, does your wallet agree? It may appear to be difficult, but I find that if I take the time to comprehend the issue, I am far less likely to experience regret in the future. However, the choice is ultimately up to you to choose.

When playing chilled, it is a convenience in and of itself if there are no advertisements visible. Especially in the event that we do not have to spend any money to get rid of it. The good news is that you won’t come across anything upsetting while playing this game. There are no commercials on Redcon, which is something that I consider to be an advantage.

Is there any more wonderful news? Certain. It is not necessary to have an internet connection in order to play Redcon. You may still use Redcon even if you are travelling on an airline or are in a location that does not have access to the internet.

Playing Redcon on a smartphone with a two core CPU and one gigabyte of random access memory (RAM) turned out to be no challenge at all in the end. This game appears to be working quite smoothly on my mobile device. There are no challenges to speak about at all. Gamers who, like me, have a smartphone with rather poor specs will undoubtedly experience relief. Redcon benefited from this enhancement.

There isn’t much I can say about the music and visuals, as those aren’t my areas of expertise. Why is it the case? My impression is that both the quality and the arrangement of the two things are satisfactory. It seems as though the game’s artwork, colours, and background music all correspond to its overall concept. So dark and tense.

The discussion that takes place between characters after each round of combat, however, is sadly voiceless. But this is not a huge flaw in Redcon; rather, it is merely that whenever there is a discussion going on between individuals on the screen, I get the impression that something is missing.

Redcon is not without its flaws, that’s for sure. But that does not mean that it brings down the overall quality of the game. In my perspective, Redcon has a high level of quality. You have to give Redcon a shot if you enjoy games in which success requires the application of various methods and approaches.

Every fight that takes place in a game with a well-balanced gameplay system will provide both casual and experienced players with a unique set of obstacles. You will invariably be challenged by Redcon to demonstrate the quality of your most effective gaming strategy and tactics. Because of this, the game seems like it may be a lot of fun and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

Game Description Source: REDCON @ Google Play


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Every fight that takes place on a game system that is well-balanced will present challenges for both casual and serious players. Redcon will frequently test your ability to demonstrate the stability of your most effective gameplay methods. Because of this, the game appears to be fun, and one should not pass up the opportunity to play it.

Redcon generator allow you to acquire credits that will move you further ahead in the game. These structures will receive upgrades from you.

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