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Rebel Inc Game Description

Rebel Inc Game

If Plague Inc. was renowned for being a game about spreading terrible diseases over the world, then Rebel Inc. is a new game from the same creator that allows players the opportunity to strive to become a leader in a country that is in the midst of a revolt. As the leader of the people, it is the job of the player to win the support of the populace and put an end to the uprising once and for all.

Controls for playing the game are accessed through menus, same like they are for Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc. The players will be provided with a map that depicts the region in which they have control. On this map, the players will be able to observe the location of the headquarters, as well as the position of the rebels and the level of support from the populace. The game consists of three different menus for players to choose from.

From the option titled Civilian, players have the ability to do research and take action on issues that pertain to the civilian population. Beginning with the acquisition of essential amenities such as sanitation, water, medicine, hospitals, food acquisition, infrastructure, and so on and so forth. All of this was done in an effort to get support from the general populace and earn their affection.

As its name suggests, the Government menu provides access to information on all of the topics covered in the Government section. Players have the ability to carry out anti-corruption research, hire police to improve security, encourage help in rural regions, nominate representatives, elevate justice, administer public relations, and a variety of other activities.

This military menu is likely the most beloved meal among those individuals who have a strong interest in armed conflict. Here, players have the ability to train state forces, as well as call troops from outside the state, construct garrisons, ask troops to assist the people, dispatch drones, and call for air attacks.

Players need to have money in their accounts in order to access any of the three menus that are located above. This sum of money will be automatically distributed on a monthly basis, with the frequency determined by the revenue of the nation.

In addition to looking after the administration, players are obligated to dispatch forces to deal with the insurgents who persistently attempt to take control of the area of the country. Before players may deploy their military troops to battle against the rebels, they need to build up their own military forces. When there are more troops stationed around the battlefield, a greater number of rebels will be compelled to ultimately evacuate the region and move on to the next one.

The gameplay in this game takes place in real time, and every few seconds, players will see an event indication appear in one of their locations. When the user touches the indication of this event, the game will first describe a predicament, and then it will present several action choices that the player can choose in response to the issue. Bear in mind that every action has its own set of repercussions; thus, use extreme caution before performing any action.

If the player is successful in defeating all of the insurgents and restoring order to all of his assets, the game will come to a conclusion. On the other hand, if the insurgents are successful in capturing all of the player’s land or in bringing the government’s support to an all-time low, the game will be considered won by the rebels and the player will lose. Are you capable of running a competent government while still putting down the insurgents?

Indeed, it is not a game that calls for a fancy 3D display; as a result, the game display, which is in the form of 2D maps seen from above, is extremely well suited to portray a strategic table in a government conference room. The soldiers are depicted on the map in the form of a symbol and points that run across it, similar to a strategic map that would be handed to a commander. The players will see a depiction of a scene every once in a while, but on the whole, the visual style of this game is quite simple and intriguing.

Like its predecessor, Plague Inc., Rebel Inc. is distributed without charge by Ndemic Creations and is supported by an advertising model. Because the game itself does not require a connection to the internet in order to be played, shutting off the Internet will, of course, prevent the advertisement from being displayed. If players are prepared to pay an additional fee, they will have access to two more game features: the Statistics feature, which will show them how far the game has progressed, and the Fast Forward option, which will allow them to play the game at a faster pace.

Game Description Source: Rebel Inc @ Google Play

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In point of fact, it is not a game that requires a fancy 3D monitor, so the top-down view of a 2D map display works quite well to simulate a strategic table in a government conference room.

Using Rebel Inc generator will allow you to generate an unlimited money. Make use of this mod as a guide to assist you in finishing the stage.

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