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Real Boxing Game Description

Real Boxing Game

After deciding to play Real Boxing for an adequate amount of time before writing a review of it, I believe that I am now ready. Before we get to those findings, though, let’s have a look at a few of the other elements that are included in this game. Even though I have to admit that some of the findings are not very nice.

Real Boxing is a boxing game, but it differentiates itself from other titles in the genre by putting an emphasis on the real element, which implies that the game strives to be as realistic as possible in terms of both its aesthetics and its gameplay. After you have finished customising your character for the first time, you will be able to begin throwing your fists. This customization includes everything from the style of your beard to the design of your tattoos.

Tap to do a jab, swipe up from the bottom to perform an uppercut, and swipe to the side to perform a hook punch. The controls are fairly simple and quite straightforward. You can also block by using the button on the lower left, and you may dodge or block by pressing the button on the bottom right. The first thing you will notice when playing this game is that it is not a standard fighting game in which you may randomly fire attacks and win; even if you do this, you will frequently be at the counter, and you will end up losing.

In order to follow the pattern of blocks, evade, and watch for moments when the opponent is caught off guard so you can launch an assault, you need to have a lot of patience. This was the original approach in boxing. In the end, Real Boxing is equipped with an energy system that assists in the triumph over blind fists. Your health will deplete more quickly with each assault that you make. You are still able to punch even if you have no more energy left, however the force of your blow will be significantly reduced. If your energy runs out, you should probably wait a little bit first, either by blocking an attack or dodging it, before attempting to launch a counterattack.

When we talk about counterattacks, one way to achieve it is to avoid and then immediately strike. After driving back an opponent, you have the option of immediately launching a counterattack on them. This is the intriguing part. Therefore, your counterattack will be counterattacked once more, and what’s even more fascinating is that you may execute another counterattack on your counterattack: D. The question here is who can execute a speedier counterattack and come out on top.

However, the speed you may achieve is not just depend on your dexterity; a boxer also has three primary statuses: strength, energy, and speed. Therefore, it does not matter how rapidly you hit the dodge button; if the adversary has a faster speed status, you will most likely be defeated. If you want to raise your status, you may do so by going to the gym after every five matches and participating in a minigame that will raise your status by 1% to 2% (full status is 100%).

This is the aspect of the game that I do not enjoy; first, you have the option to buy (through in-app purchase) infinite boxer status, which means that your boxer will achieve their maximum potential without having to put in any effort at all. A little bit unfair and creates lazy levelling, particularly considering that the price of the game itself has reached $4.99. The second issue is that the strength of each fighter is not equally distributed, and you can tell the outcome of the bout only by looking at the first or second strike. If you have ascended this time too many times, your punch won’t be beneficial and you’ll tumble down. Some boxers can remove approximately 25 percent of your HP with only one strike, while your punch may only reduce 3 to 5 percent.

Because it uses the Unreal Engine, Real Boxing is currently the fighting game that has the greatest quality owing to the assistance it receives from the graphics industry. There is no need to ask about this. This game’s controls are also highly responsive, making it a high-quality piece of software from a technical perspective. Oh yes, you can also try motion sensors where you can box using your hands; this is feasible since this game can detect your motions through the front camera. Oh yes, you can also try motion sensors where you can box using your feet; this is also possible. It is less responsive than other weapons, therefore it cannot be used in serious combat; nevertheless, it may be used for fun or for showing off, and this is perfectly OK.

It is crucial that you use the Real Boxing mod so that you may buy whatever fashionable clothing you desire. Even gloves that you might want to wear are available for purchase.

If you ask me whether or not I think this game is worth the money, then the truth is that I’m not entirely sure how to respond. The issue is not a fair distribution of power between the different boxers, nor is it a problem with unjust in-app purchases. But I can’t dispute the fact that Real Boxing is a high-quality boxing game that comes packed with awesome extras like a motion sensor and online multiplayer support. The value four is appropriate at this time.

Game Description Source: Real Boxing @ Google Play

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Genuine Boxing is an excellent boxing game, but by bringing forth a real aspect, this game strives to be as realistic as possible in both aspects of its aesthetics and its gameplay.

With the help of Real Boxing Cheats, you can give your character an unlimited money (gold and coins). You have the ability to bring any stats associated with your character up to their maximum value.

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