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Rapture World Conquest Game Description

Rapture World Conquest Game

The day of judgement is drawing near. It is now time for your civilisation to ascend to its full potential and triumph over all other civilizations. Destroy rival civilizations by performing miracles and leading your army to victory. Then, lead your whole civilization to paradise when you have successfully completed these tasks. This is the central idea behind Rapture: World Conquest, a lightning-fast strategy game developed by Tundra Games and published by Electronic Arts.

The gameplay of Rapture: Planet Conquest is quite similar to that of the strategy game Civilization. The player assumes control of one of a number of different civilizations and strives to exert dominance over the whole world. The game is not played in a turn-based format, but rather in real time, and the whole structure has been much streamlined. This is the main change.

There is no such thing as doing research on new technologies, engaging in diplomacy, managing resources, or raising armies in Rapture: World Conquest. A number has been assigned to each region that indicates the might of the armed forces possessed by the civilisation in question. Players only need to send troops from their own civilization’s territory into the territory of other civilizations in order to conquer it, and this is only possible if those forces are successful in destroying all of the defending troops that the other civilizations have.

The assault was carried out with lightning speed. When players invade enemy territory, they will see small dots that represent the troops. The numbers will decrease until either the small troops that the player owns run out, which will result in defeat, or the defensive forces that the opponent possesses run out, at which point the player will be able to seize their territory. Players have access to a wide variety of miracles that may be used in conjunction with their armies to wipe out the enemy. The use of mana may set off a variety of natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, and even tornadoes. This will continue until either the player is able to gain control of the entire planet or the last player’s civilization region is destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth, at which point the game will be ended and the player will lose. The players have 3000 years to finish the game, and if they run out of time, the winner will be determined by who has the greatest score.

In Rapture: World Conquest, there is a little management component that takes the form of an arrangement that asks the player to choose how he or she would want to concentrate the power of their civilization. Do you wish to concentrate on the power of the military, the power of prayer to create more mana, the power of capitalism to expand output, or the power of science to quicken the pace of the advancement of the times? Touching any one of the four buttons located on the screen’s right-hand side will initiate the corresponding action.

During this time, you can increase your performance by using the buttons that are located on the left side of the game screen. This indicates that the difficulty level of the game may be adjusted by doing actions such as rewinding time, boosting production, and freezing other civilizations for a period of time. Regrettably, none of these boosters are offered for free; rather, they must first be purchased before they can be utilised. Even that number will be capped at a certain point.

Indeed, three thousand years of game time seems like an extremely lengthy period of time. However, if you take my word for it, you should be able to finish Rapture: World Conquest in about five to ten minutes. This is due to the fact that the game moves at an extremely high pace. Therefore, this game may be played in a short amount of time while travelling or even simply for pleasure when one is taking a break. In addition, players have the opportunity to compete against up to three other players from across the world while playing the game online.

Rapture: World Conquest has a rather straightforward appearance, consisting of a globe that may be rotated in any direction. Unfortunately, war does not have a cool appearance; rather, it resembles a jumble of symbols that slam into each other to denote the start of hostilities. However, the game itself comes with some great customising options. Players have the option to purchase new globe forms. Do you like the Earth to be in the shape of a rectangle, a tube, a flat disc, or possibly something else entirely? In addition, gamers have the option to purchase more playable nations as well as an improved background. Because the actual game is filled with songs that have a more traditional vibe, the conflict feels more epic as a result.

Game Description Source: Rapture World Conquest @ Google Play

Rapture World Conquest MOD APK

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With a globe that spins at random, Rapture: World Conquest appears to be an extremely simple game. Sadly, war doesn’t look nice; it just looks like a collection of symbols crashing into each other to signify the start of a conflict. However, the gameplay itself is really fascinating and customised. New variations of the globe are available for purchase to players. Do you like the Earth to be in the shape of a rectangle, a tube, a flat disc, or possibly something else entirely?

It is possible to play Rapture: World Conquest completely for free, with the only drawback being the occasional appearance of advertisements. There is no interference with the stamina system, and the game can even be played offline, which, incidentally, also eliminates the need for any advertisements to be displayed. Video advertisements will only appear in-game if the player actively chooses to watch them in order to earn bonus gold. Gold purchases are the only type of microtransaction available. Do not be concerned; gold or Unlimited Money can be acquired with the assistance of Rapture World Conquest Cheats, which means that it will not be necessary to engage in any microtransactions at any time.

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