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PUBG MOBILE Game Description


After the debut of Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile) player a few weeks ago, fans of the battle royale genre received two pieces of positive information at the same time. The first piece of encouraging information is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has, at long last and after much anticipation from players who had hoped to play this game for free on their mobile devices, launched its mobile edition. Second, PUBG Mobile is actually able to meet the aspirations of players who have longed for a mobile version of PUBG that can be played easily. This desire has now been realised with PUBG Mobile.

The negative tendency of console or PC games being transferred to mobile platforms has been successfully combatted by PUBG Mobile. In general, ported mobile games are usually deemed to be much inferior to, and significantly different from, the console version, particularly PCs with more advanced equipment. But unfortunately, PUBG Mobile is not one of them.

So, tell me about the kinds of experiences and items you may earn from playing PUBG Mobile. Please take the time to read the reviews that have been provided below so that you are aware of the positives and negatives associated with this game.

PUBG Mobile, which was a pioneer in the genre of battle royale games that are presently oversaturating the Play Store, still offers the same kind of experience that you can receive from playing other battle royale games. You and one hundred other individuals are on an island together after having parachuted there from an aeroplane. Your goals are to find weapons, stay alive, and emerge as the lone survivor.

It is not necessary for you to feel concerned if some aspects of the PC version are not included in the mobile version. Playing PUBG Mobile is not the same as playing PUBG on your personal computer through your mobile device. There has been no alteration. The equipment or weapon has not changed in any way. Even though there is just one map currently accessible, it covers a tremendous amount of ground. In a similar vein, the fact that each weapon’s recoil impact is unique to itself puts PUBG Mobile ahead of the competition when it comes to battle royale games. Compare this to other battle royale games, in which the recoil effects of weapons are differentiated only by the type of weapon used. When being played, this also develops into a sense.

PUBG Mobile is not only a streamlined adaptation of the PC version of the game. Tencent and PUBG Corp., the game’s creator, are quite familiar with the requirements that mobile players who prioritise convenience and comfort place on their games. As a result, they included a number of new features that were absent from the PC edition of the game.

Before you begin playing, you will see a Missions function that, similar to other mobile games in general, awards you with more experience and points in combat. This bonus will become available to you as you continue to play. You will be assigned a new assignment on a daily or weekly basis, and completing these missions might provide you with additional incentive to continue playing.

You should also investigate the variety of games that may be improved by the addition of a battle royale mode.

PUBG Mobile has a number of new features, including automated looting and upgrades to the map and compass system. These new features are included as part of the game’s new gameplay elements. When it comes to automatic looting systems, each and every one of them is automatically taken. The objects that are recovered are chosen for you automatically, taking into account both your requirements and the stuff that you currently own. Take, for instance, the fact that you already own an AK-47. You will be able to automatically pick up 7.76 mm rounds with the assistance of this looting mechanism that is automated. In a similar vein, other supplementary components such as a scope or grip. You can pick other items that have nothing to do with this explicitly if it is necessary.

In comparison to the PC version, there has also been a substantial upgrade made to the map system. Because it covers the screen, you won’t be able to stroll casually while looking at the map or compass on a personal computer. The display of the map on the mobile version has been shrunk so that you may continue to see the map while still paying attention to your surroundings.

If you’ve played PUBG Mobile before and immediately received Chicken Dinner, you shouldn’t feel very pleased of yourself. You see, the very first game that you participated in was most likely populated by bots that had quite easy difficulty settings. It’s true, however that doesn’t apply to all bots. You will also engage in combat with other players, although a rather small number of them.

Don’t start with having negative thoughts. Despite the presence of a bot system, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is not inherently a game for nuts. Instead, the bot will assist you in adapting to the game so that you may be successful. If you have never tried your hand at a first-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS) game on a mobile device, you will find this quite helpful.

When you want to practise hitting targets with your weapons, you may utilise cupu boots as targets. In point of fact, the bots in the games that you play for the first time won’t do anything to hurt you. However, try to compare, deh, if you directly battle adversaries who are already accustomed to the combat and even already experts in the field. You do realise that it will be difficult at first, right?

In general, the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been simplified for the PUBG Mobile mobile platform. It’s possible that you’ll notice the difference, which is pretty upsetting in terms of the controls and visuals, which are not nearly as entertaining as they are on the PC version. Despite this, PUBG Mobile is still a great app that delivers an experience that is comparable to and just as entertaining as what you get while playing the game on a personal computer. You will not be able to have the same experience from the PC version of the game, which makes this game much more enjoyable because you can play it whenever and anywhere you want without having to spend a dime.

Game Description Source: PUBG MOBILE @ Google Play


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Overall, PUBG Mobile is a quasi-perfect PC edition simplification.

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