When you open this game for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in with a Google account. Even though everyone with an Android phone has a Google account, it would be more fun if Pokemon Go also let you sign in with a Facebook account.

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Pokemon GO Game Description

Pokemon GO Game

The very first time you launch this game, you will be prompted to sign in using your Google account. Even if there is no doubt that every Android user has a Google account, it would make playing Pokemon Go a lot more enjoyable if there was also the option to log in using a Facebook account.

We will be prompted to make a Pokemon trainer profile when we have successfully logged in to our account. It is requested that we provide a nick name, select a gender, and decide which accessories, such as caps, hoodies, backpacks, and jeans, are to be utilized. At this time, the options available for the selection of accessories are still characterized simply by color. We can only hope that in the not-too-distant future, there will be many other variations of accessories from which to chose. Even while it won’t have any impact on how the game is played, the gimmick itself should be very entertaining.

You will be shown the map, which contains data specific to the region in which you now dwell, as well as the three Pokemon that are depicted on the map (see figure 1). It is up to you to decide which one will be your first Pokemon.

Simply tapping on a Pokemon that is seen on the map will bring up a screen containing the Pokemon as well as a Pokeball for you to use in your capture attempt (see Figure 2). Simply slide the Pokeball in the direction of the Pokémon you wish to catch to center it on that creature. Because you only have a limited supply of Pokeballs, you need to practice until you can accurately toss them. The fact that Pokemon can still escape from their Pokeballs after we have successfully captured them is what adds to the drama and intrigue. Therefore, you need to ensure that you receive the message Gotcha to confirm that the Pokemon you caught has indeed been caught by you.

The fact that we have to walk around in the real world in order to find Pokemon, pick up Pokeballs, and obtain free Pokemon eggs at Pokestops, which are indicated on the map by a blue color, is one of the most fascinating aspects of this game. In addition to making use of technology that augments reality, Pokemon Go also requires players to do so. At addition to this, we may also train our Pokemon in the gym, which can only be found in specific areas. Trainers of Pokemon, however, need to have a level 5 or above in order to use this particular gym facility.

When you begin playing, you will find that we have supplied you with 50 Pokeballs, 2 Incense, a Camera, and an Egg Incubator. The purpose of burning incense here is to entice Pokémon to visit our location. This is what we do when we don’t feel like going out and looking for Pokemon. One Incense can be used for a period of half an hour, however there is no assurance regarding the total number of Pokemon that can be acquired by utilizing this item. My recommendation is that you make prudent use of this item because it requires 80 coins to purchase a single incense.

Pokemon Go features a number of different menu options, including Pokedex, which displays the total number of Pokemon that have been registered, Pokemon, which displays the Pokemon that have been captured, Items, which displays the items that you have, and Shop, which allows you to purchase new items or coins.

By selecting the Pokemon whose capabilities you wish to boost using Pokedex, we are able to raise their overall power. You are also able to view the profile of your trainer and their degree of achievement.

When in PokeStop, aside obtaining Pokeball, sometimes we may get Pokemon Egg. To hatch an egg, open the menu (it looks like a pokeball) and choose Pokemon from the drop-down menu. After that, choose the ‘Egg’ option. You will be able to view the eggs that you own. First, pick the Incubator location by tapping the symbol in the corner’s bottom right hand corner. Following that, choose the eggs that you wish to have hatched.

You will find that the eggs contain numeric information expressed in kilometers, and in order to hatch the eggs, you must go the distance that is specified. Generally speaking, the greater the required distance, the better the Pokemon will get.

You are free to use the incubator unlimited as you like, but keep in mind that it can only successfully hatch a single egg at a time. You may purchase an Incubator from the Shop menu if you wish to have several eggs hatched at the same time.

Once you have reached level 5, you will be able to use the gym to teach your Pokemon to become more powerful. However, before that, you will be required to pick a side to support. There are three different teams available for selection: the green team, the blue team, and the red team. Every squad has its own unique set of qualities.

After you have finished selecting a team, you should immediately proceed to the site that is identified as a gym. Tap to get into the weight room. When you get there, you’ll find that the guards are your only option for training partners. Tap the emblem in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to enter the fight. There are Pokémon to be found there. Tap the Pokemon that is about to engage in battle, and then select another Pokemon from your collection to take its place.

When it comes to competing, one has the option of either going without the use of augmented reality (AR) technology or making use of it. When using AR technology, you will need to direct the camera on your phone to the location that has been tagged as a gym.

When engaging in battle with other Pokemon, we may attack them by tapping on the opponent Pokemon; we can escape strikes by swiping the screen to the right or left; and we can issue special attacks with a long and loose tap.

In most cases, there will be more than one gym guard; thus, if you wish to become the gym’s master, you will need to defeat all of them. And if you manage to prevail in every one of those contests, the fitness center will upgrade your warrants to silver (it was in accordance with the color of the team that controlled the gym).

In the silver gym, you are permitted to station the Pokemon you currently control as guards. Put in Pokemon with high Combat Power (CP), so that the gym that has been conquered by one Pokemon trainer can’t be easily taken over by another. You will be awarded free stuff if you are able to successfully defend the fort within the allowed amount of time.

Game Description Source: Pokemon GO @ Google Play

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The fact that we have to go out and explore the real world in order to play Pokemon Go is one of the game’s most intriguing aspects. Not only do we have to make use of augmented reality technology, but we also have to find Pokeballs and free Pokemon eggs, which are indicated on the map by a blue colour. The gym, which is also found in various locations, is another area where we may train our Pokemon. In order to use this gymnasium, however, Pokemon trainers need to have a level 5 or above.

We need to regularly catch Pokemon in order to accumulate XP points and advance our level. The same as in other games, you need a certain experience points in order to move on to the next level. Utilize the Pokemon Go generator to advance through the game more quickly.

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