Planet Bomber MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

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Get unlimited diamonds with using Planet Bomber mod apk. Using the diamonds, you can use the premium booster that makes you can destroy the planet faster.

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Planet Bomber Game Description

Planet Bomber Game

Planet Bomber! is a game in which all you have to do to fire missiles at a planet is keep tapping on the screen in a continuous motion. Our objective is to penetrate to the centre of the planet and obliterate it. The end, as they say. After we have finished destroying a planet, we will move on to the next planet in our chain.

Every missile that is launched towards the earth will fetch us some financial gain. With the money that we obtain, we are able to make a wide variety of modifications, such as giving the missiles greater power, increasing their precision, increasing their gravity, or increasing the number of times they are launched.

Planet Bomber! is a casual game that, like all other VOODOO products, provides a gameplay experience that is heavily influenced by advertisements. In point of fact, Planet Bomber! is guilty of the most heinous deed that a game is capable of committing: it punishes you with a commercial every time you cause the destruction of a planet (which is supposed to be our target). A really instructive example of what not to do while playing a video game

Game Description Source: Planet Bomber @ Google Play

Planet Bomber MOD APK

Planet Bomber APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Diamonds
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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After we have finished off a planet, we will move on to another one.

Planet Bomber generator allow you to add an unlimited money to your account. You can open up a lot of planets, and you can get even more benefits by upgrading your missiles.

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