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Piffle Game Description

Piffle Game

The game that is currently being displayed has an infinite number of levels, but this one is undeniably one of the most classic ones. Breakout was the first video game to utilize the concept of bouncing a ball off of a wall in order to knock things off of the screen. It was released for the Atari platform. Because Wozniak was the driving force behind the creation of the game concept, its development was a direct source of inspiration for the development of the Apple II.

Piffle is one of the many persons who now employ the genre of bounce ball, which has become fairly popular. This game makes use of the same game mechanics but alters it in order to make it more humorous and entertaining for players.

Piffle is an adorable tiny ball that serves as the centerpiece of this game. When you bounce it off of the wall, it will continue to bounce in all different ways. At the beginning of each level, you are given a certain number of piffles to use. On the other hand, you don’t toss them one at a time, but rather you throw them all together at the same time.

This is helpful for destroying bricks that are strewn around each level, and each block has a distinct number printed on it. This number indicates the number of times the piffle needs to strike the block in order to break it. Therefore, the higher number of piffles you have, the better chance you have of destroying a group of blocks all at once.

As you go through the game’s levels, you will be exposed to new sorts of blocks, such as exploding blocks, ice blocks, and others. These blocks will be introduced to you at ever higher levels. The strength of the piffle will start to become more apparent, such as glasses that let you see in which direction the piffle ball is gliding, a strong piffle that has a larger assault, and even explosives that can help you smash many blocks at once.

The competition consists on beating the clock while making the most of a limited number of piffles to eliminate unlimited of the blocks as possible in a single round. The entirety of the block that you were able to remove contributes to your score for that round.

The word Piffle refers to a cute little game. Although the genre of games that use the bounce ball mechanic is not new, Piffle has done a good job of keeping it interesting by introducing a wide range of different mechanisms in each level.

Those of you who enjoy playing games of this nature probably already have a good idea of what you will receive. That sense of familiarity is, in fact, used by Piffle as a means of introducing new elements to the game in order to ensure that it does not become repetitive and continues to offer new challenges.

Game Description Source: Piffle @ Google Play

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Piffle’s a fun game. Although the genre of games using a bounce ball mechanism is not new, Piffle has found a way to make each level of the game seem fresh by introducing a variety of additional mechanics.

Piffle generator enable you to generate an unlimited money. Boosters, such as Bounce Vision, can also be purchased with the player’s own personal coins if they so choose. There are also boosters that can be used while playing the game, and one of those boosters is called Blast.

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