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Payback 2 Game Description

Payback 2 Game

Yesterday marked the official release of Payback 2, a sequel to the first app store game that was released more than three years ago. Because there were so few 3D games with good playability at the time, the original edition of this game is considered to be one of the most reputable for the iPhone. But now that it’s been three years, will Payback 2 HD really achieve the same level of success as it did back then?

The gameplay of Payback 2 HD is identical to that of its predecessor, which means that the game’s premise is comparable to that of Grand Theft Auto, in which the player is free to wander, kill civilians, and seize automobiles. All of such activity was carried out with the goal of successfully completing the mission. You won’t have to wander about aimlessly since you’ll be given straightforward instructions for doing simple tasks. However, once you have completed its task, you will be able to freely explore your map, despite the fact that its function was made quite plain.

The mission that you will be tasked with running is extremely varied, consisting of approximately 9 different types with some variations. These variations include destroying enemies with steel tanks, winning car races, and fighting against enemies using only hand grenades in order to capture enemy territory. The gameplay is played using a straightforward dual-stick shooter control scheme, with the left stick used to move the player and the right stick used to direct the shot.

You also have the option to go up to a moving automobile, tap the icon that appears on the screen, and then take control of the vehicle. When you are behind the wheel, the joystick will transform into a tilt control, and you will be able to hit the gas and brake buttons directly on the screen. Payback 2 gives you access to a wide variety of weapons, including hand grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers, and even turrets, so there is no need for you to be concerned about the game’s weaponry in any way. In addition, there are weapons hidden all throughout the battlefield for you to discover in case you run out of ammo.

There are three primary game modes available in Payback 2 HD: campaign, custom, and multiplayer. In the campaign mode of the game, also known as single player, you will complete one objective after another, and at the conclusion of each operation, you will be awarded stars based on how well you performed. You will need this star in order to go to the next level.

When playing in the custom mode, you have the ability to select the kind of game, the amount of play time, the city, and other other choices. In the multiplayer mode, you are able to invite up to four of your friends to participate in the game together. Unfortunately, I am unable to connect very often, and even when I am successfully connected to the game centre, I am unable to invite anyone to join even when random mode is selected.

Even if the graphic quality isn’t terrible, I wouldn’t call Payback 2 HD a really impressive game. The setting is rendered in three dimensions, but the individual items have less attention to detail and appear less realistic. Take for instance the fact that there is not the tiniest bit of trash on the road. The good news is that this can still be balanced while maintaining a rather smooth frame and having minimal latency.

Because there is no built-in game background sound, Payback 2 HD will make use of the music that is stored on your device; nevertheless, if you do not have any songs, the game may be played in relative silence.

Playing Payback 2 HD, in general, is still a lot of fun, especially considering the huge variety of weaponry and game modes that are available. It is only conceivable because to the fact that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is already available on the App Store. As a result, the idea of Payback 2 HD games is rather exhausted. In addition, the pricing of Payback 2 HD is somewhat high, coming in at $5.99 for the HD edition while the standard definition version retails for $3.99.

Game Description Source: Payback 2 @ Google Play

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The action video game Payback 2 HD is still a lot of fun to play, especially considering all of the different weaponry and game modes it has.

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