One More Brick MOD APK Unlimited Stars Unlock All Balls

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In One More Brick Mod Apk, you can get an unlimited Stars and all of the balls. Use this to your advantage to try games with different balls and easily undo shots you’ve already made.

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One More Brick Game Description

One More Brick Game

One More Brick is one of those games that will keep you going for hours in entertaining games that need ability, aim, and a little bit of luck. In this game of breaking blocks, the objective is to advance as far as possible.

The gameplay of One More Brick is straightforward; you have access to a machine that will launch a ball in a certain route, and you are responsible for dictating that path. Practice your aim and destroy the cubes that you encounter in your path; each cube has a number that indicates the amount of times you must strike a ball on it before it disappears. You will have to collect cubes and advantages as they move around the screen in order to advance in the game. As you do so, you will be able to earn balls with which to throw multiple cubes at once in order to destroy additional cubes. Your entire control panel will be filled with cubes and advantages.

You’ll find a number of benefits, some of which include the opportunity to win balls, lose them, or break rows in either the vertical or horizontal direction. It is imperative that you smash unlimited cubes as you possibly can because, as you continue to destroy them, the number of remaining cubes will continue to rise, and eventually, you will require hundreds of little balls that you cannot control in order to destroy the remaining cubes.

Game Description Source: One More Brick @ Google Play

One More Brick MOD APK

One More Brick APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Stars, Unlock All Balls
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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You will need to use your full control panel to pick up cubes and benefits as they move about the screen. This will allow you to collect balls to hurl at many cubes at once, which will increase your score and allow you to smash additional cubes.

You can get an unlimited money by using the One More Brick Cheats. Make use of the stars you already have to cancel your shot and make it easier to move on to the next level.

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