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MythWars Puzzles Game Description

MythWars Puzzles Game

This match-three puzzle game, which is being distributed by Karma Game and is named MythWars & Puzzles, is a one-of-a-kind blend of strategy games and puzzle games. The players will found a magical city, hone the skills of a vast number of soldiers, and enlist the assistance of famous heroes in their quest to rid the world of malevolent gods.

Players in MythWars & Puzzles are each granted a mythical city that doubles as a fortification over the course of the game. This city has the potential to be created and expanded with a wide variety of amenities that serve the purpose of allowing the city to become self-sufficient. The cultivation of land for agriculture results in the production of food; mining results in the production of iron; the Training Ground is used to train heroes; the Atelier is used to make products; and so on.

It takes some time for a player to complete the construction of a facility or an upgrade whenever they do so. There is a wait time, and the greater the wait time necessary, the higher up the level of the building you are. As a result of the fact that players may only construct or improve one object at a time, the total amount of time spent playing the game will be increased. As is customary, the length of time spent waiting can be shortened by paying a premium currency.

Players of MythWars & Puzzles can use the Bifrost Portal to call upon their heroes whilst playing the game. Players that use the Bifrost Portal will receive one free summon every day, but they also have the option to spend a premium currency in order to access the Bifrost Portal and try their luck at getting legendary heroes. You should keep in mind that this Bifrost Portal creates random heroes, often known as Gacha models, therefore you should prepare yourself for the possibility that you may not acquire the desired hero.

In MythWars & Puzzles, despite the fact that the game appears to be a combination of city building and match-three puzzles, players will really find that there is a story mode with distinct stages in this game. Players may enter the story mode of this game by tapping the MAP button located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once inside, they can attempt to accomplish the stages that are presented, each of which has an endearing tale sequence.

In keeping with the premise of match-three puzzles, the war against the wicked gods is fought on a playing field that is itself a match-three problem. Each player must first match the colour, after which it will transform into an army that will advance to attack the enemy above them. In addition to that, heroes of the same hue who match will also receive Mana as a reward for their efforts. Once the hero’s health bar is at its maximum, the player can perform the special abilities that are exclusive to each hero by touching the hero’s portrait, such as attacking or healing.

MythWars & Puzzles is a game that centres on the conflict between the gods of ancient Greece. The artwork depicting the gods and human heroes in this world is done in a stylish and endearing naturalistic fashion. When the player is viewing a sequence in the manner of a visual novel, which is employed by this game as a technique of conveying information about what is happening in the game, this artwork may be seen most clearly.

In spite of the fact that MythWars and Puzzles, both of which are offered without charge to players, give the impression of being offline games, players are really needed to access the games over the internet in order to participate. This is because of the Alliance system, which encourages players to play with one another, the system that challenges other players via the use of the Arena Ladder, and the system that forms the backbone of the presence of Events that are presented without end. There is also a microtransaction system that allows players to purchase premium currency called Gems. The price range for these Gems begins at 71,000 rupiah and goes up to over 1.5 million rupiah.

In point of fact, MythWars & Puzzles is quite similar to Zgirls: Puzzle & Quest, beginning with the city-building system, the match-three puzzle battle, and even the heroes, who come in a variety of different forms. Those of you who are upset that Zgirls: Puzzle & Quest is no longer available on the Play Store may find that this new game, MythWars & Puzzles, will satisfy your need for a similar experience.

Game Description Source: MythWars Puzzles @ Google Play

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MythWars & Puzzles is a board game with the concept of the Greek God War. The gods and human heroes are shown here in work that is both cool and attractive in its realistic presentation. When the player views a new visual sequence, which is utilised as a manner of describing events that have occurred in the game, they will be able to see this piece of artwork most clearly.

MythWars Puzzles generator can generate an unlimited money. In Base, players can construct a variety of locations, making the process quick and eliminating the need for waiting. Players can also use any Gems they have at their disposal.

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