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There will be a great deal of value added by the Motor World Car Factory mod apk. You will be able to obtain unlimited cash (or, as some may say, unlimited money). It’s up to you how you want to spend it.

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Motor World Car Factory Game Description

Motor World Car Factory Game

This game, Motor World Car Factory, is the result of a former employee of Gameloft making the decision to leave his job and found success as an independent game developer alongside his wife. Oh Bibi Socialtainment, the name of the firm that they established and published this game under on August 21 (yesterday), is responsible for the game’s development. I’ve been playing this game, which is interestingly enough offered without charge, for a few days now. It was remarkable to me that the game with this simulation genre strove to be parallel with previous simulation games from Kairosoft that had pixelated pictures. This was my initial impression.

At the Motor World Car Factory, your goal is to become the most successful vehicle manufacturer in the world by working your way up through the ranks to become the CEO of a car assembly company. You will be given a miniature factory in which to put together all of the vehicles, as well as instructions on how to do so in the exact same manner as in a real factory, in which you must pass through several production lines, including the installation of machines, frames, interiors, and other equipment, as well as quality control and paint jobs. In addition to that, you are responsible for managing the personnel who are already there, doing research, and so on in order to broaden the reach of your firm and make it the most successful in the world.

The instructions on how to play are extremely straightforward; all you have to do to construct a vehicle is tap on the first manufacturing line, and from there you may select the kind of vehicle you would want to construct. The following step requires you to only tap whenever there is a green arrow located over the automobile. Your workforce will assemble the automobile component by component all the way to the final line of manufacturing. Work on the automobile requires WP, which evidently stands for Worker Power, and this power is created by each and every person currently on staff. For instance, in order to go on to the next step in the process of fabricating a vehicle frame, you will need to acquire fifty work pieces (WP). There are two employees who will each hand out one WP until you have amassed fifty work pieces. There is a disparity in the quantity of WP required by each vehicle. If a coupe needs fifty, a sports vehicle may require one hundred fifty.

When construction of the vehicle is complete, it will be placed in the showroom in an orderly manner, and the sales staff will simply wait for customers to arrive so that they can make a purchase. This will result in you getting some money, which you can then put into the production of other automobiles. You may increase the value of any one of these automobiles by installing a back camera, MP3 Player, ABS Brakes, or Airbag; but, doing so will need significant financial investment. You may pad your cash reserves by beginning a second business, such as a garage or car wash, in addition to selling automobiles as your primary endeavour.

To become a successful multinational automaker, you must first establish a reputation for producing high-quality automobiles. In order to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to have staff who can be relied upon. Each employee possesses their own unique set of characteristics, such as Quality, Speed, Work Per Minute, and Stamina. Donuts are the key to unlocking the next level of potential in each and every one of these characteristics. In this game, donuts function as a form of additional boost power. There will be times when the workload for your staff is overwhelming, and all they require to feel refreshed enough to return to work is a doughnut. The donuts function similarly to the energy system seen in the vast majority of simulation games and can supply one unit in a matter of minutes. However, there are also instances in which you can obtain it while you are in the process of building a car or levelling up.

In addition to donuts, there is also a higher currency available in the form of cash. This higher currency serves either as a boss or an accelerator, increasing the pace at which the manufacturing process may be completed as well as other unique features. Earning cash is contingent upon either advancing in levels or completing objectives. Yes, of course, a task to add to the thrill in playing as well as the excitement in the mission itself; in the tiny version, you may also compete in a type of drag race (not as cool as CSR Racing). Other missions, for instance, need the production of two specific automobiles for research purposes, etc.

This game has a wide variety of additional components and features. For instance, there is a component called the lab, in which you may do research to assist either the manufacturing process or the store that you have. This investigation will take a lot of financial investments and won’t be finished for a predetermined amount of time. One of the features that sets it apart from other services is the ability to hire people from among your friends on Facebook. However, when I tested it, none of my friends on Facebook played this game. Perhaps it would be more appropriate if the linkage was created at Game Center rather than only Achievement.

It is easy to notice that this game uses pixelated games, which is crucial to note for commercial visuals. But the thing that interests me the most about this situation is how Oh Bibi achieves such high pixel quality. In terms of the aesthetics, I discovered that Motor World Car Factory did not fall short when compared to one of the games developed by Kairosoft. The presentation is put together with attention to detail, and the colour gradients make it appear engaging. It’s only a shame that every so often I run into certain aesthetic glitches, such as persons who suddenly go smaller in size and then later grow themselves back up to their original size, or sometimes the employee figure seems crushed and disproportionate. Both of these are unfortunate occurrences.

The overall simulation game Motor World Car Factory by Kairosoft, which is recognised for focusing on this particular genre, is not any less addicting than other games in the category. Even while it seems like a very tiny game, the actual amount of content that is included is rather extensive and intricate. Putting this game on your iPhone is a great way, in my opinion, to pass the time while you’re not doing anything. You aficionados of simulation games have no excuse not to give this game a go given that it can be played for free, especially if you are someone who frequently engages in gaming from Kairosoft.

Game Description Source: Motor World Car Factory @ Google Play

Motor World Car Factory MOD APK

Motor World Car Factory APK mod generator

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To put it simply, if you want to be the CEO of the car assembly industry in the Motor World Car Factory, your ultimate goal should be to become the top automaker in the world.

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