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The Modern Combat Versus mod apk grants the player unlimited diamonds, which can then be exchanged for an unlimited coins. You can make improvements to your primary weapons with them, as well as obtain a large crates.

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Modern Combat Versus Game Description

Modern Combat Versus Game

However, Gameloft made the decision to go in a somewhat different path with the most recent instalment of the Modern Combat series. The multiplayer component of Modern Combat Versus is the primary emphasis of the game, which was announced in March of 2017. After that point, the developer allegedly conducted a beta test session, which was exclusively accessible in selected areas of the world. And just a day ago, on September 28, the full version of Modern Combat Versus was made available to the public.

It was originally pushed by Modern Combat: Domination, which was published on PlayStation 3 (through PSN) and Mac, and now it is being marketed by Versus, which is the second Modern Combat offshoot that focuses the multiplayer mode. The game places each player on one of two opposing teams, has four-on-four combat arenas, and gives players the opportunity to select from among 12 distinct ‘agent’ classes; these classes each have their own unique specialisations, as well as both strengths and weaknesses.

In comparison to the series’s other primary games, Modern Combat Versus features a setting that is a little bit unique. It appears that games place a greater emphasis on science-fiction motifs than they do on classic military ones. This makes me think of games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Infinite Warfare, especially since you can sprint up walls. The aesthetic direction of the game gave the agents and helmets an appearance that was similar to that of the characters in Destiny.

The gameplay seen in the teaser for Modern Combat Versus suggests that the game will have graphics and graphic effects that are on par with those found in games played on consoles. The characters and skins have been thoughtfully crafted, and Gameloft has been particularly generous with the use of colour in the clothes, which contributes to the appealing appearance of the characters. Even though players interact with the game using a touch screen, the designers nevertheless take the time to ensure that the control scheme is easy to understand and use.

This retail edition of Modern Combat Versus comes with five distinct maps that each depict a unique type of combat situation, ranging from long-range shooting to up-close and personal confrontations. You will earn points for each game that you play, which can be redeemed for a variety of goodies and participation in increasingly competitive leagues. In addition, Gameloft has said that they are dedicated to expanding the number of agents, maps, and game types through the use of software upgrades.

Game Description Source: Modern Combat Versus @ Google Play

Modern Combat Versus MOD APK

Modern Combat Versus APK mod generator

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In comparison to the major games in this series, Modern Fighting vs has a somewhat different emphasis on certain aspects. Games typically place a greater emphasis on science fiction than they do on traditional military gameplay, and they direct me to the Call of Duty series, in particular Advanced Warfare or Infinite Warfare, where I have the ability to run over walls.

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