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Using Major Mayhem mod apk will allow you to obtain an unlimited coins. They can be put to use in the process of improving your character’s existing weapons and armour.

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Major Mayhem Game Description

Major Mayhem Game

Mr. President has requested the presence of the brave soldier known as Major Mayhem. During the briefing, it was revealed that he would be sent to the Tropics with the mission of putting an end to the War Dogs and the Ninja troops that they had. Oh, and in addition to that, they abducted his girlfriend. Just by listening to the president’s briefing, it was clear that the Adult Swim Games game dubbed Major Mayhem would be ridiculous, hilarious, and exhilarating.

Not at all, considering that Major Mayhem is a thrilling first-person shooter designed just for mobile devices. The player takes control of the Major, directing him to escape hostile attacks while simultaneously shooting weaponry at the aggressors. The Major was dropped off at a location where fighting was taking place, and after walking to the right until he reached a combat zone, he took shelter behind something to shoot at the ninja forces who were prepared to murder him.

The control scheme is extremely user-friendly; all the player needs to do to direct the Major’s fire in a certain direction is touch the screen. When the player fires their weapon, the Major will be left vulnerable, and if the red ninja manages to hit him with a Shuriken, then the Major will be considered hurt. The Major’s helmet will fall off after he is hit by the bullet. After taking two shots, his bulletproof clothing will be rendered useless. After then, he will no longer have any protection, and the third shot will be sufficient to end his life.

The Major is required to shoot at an opponent not only when he is in a position, but also while he is walking to the next position. This is in addition to firing at an opponent while he is in a position. Players simply merely swipe up to the Major to jump, which allows them to dodge being shot at or leap over obstacles as they are running. It is important to understand that there are instances in which certain individuals require the Major’s assistance in order to survive. Therefore, take caution when firing at the ninja so that their prisoners are not also killed by your bullets.

Major Mayhem offers a large number of different ways to customise the Major, making it appealing to players who enjoy tinkering with their games. It is possible to transform into a variety of caps and helmets, as well as weaponry and even the Major himself. You can buy Night Vision Goggles, Baseball Hats, change the Major into Detective Bruce, or even into Rambro (also known as fake Rambo) if you have enough wealth to buy customisation goods. You can even turn the Major into Rambro (also known as fake Rambo).

When it comes to weaponry, each one will function in a distinct way. The player merely has to touch and keep his touch on the screen in order to use the machine gun, as well as any of the other unique weapons. Standard handguns would typically discharge one bullet at a time, but the machine gun will automatically fire at an opponent. In addition, there are things that are referred to as Supplies. These things are helpful in that they make it simpler for games to complete certain objectives, such as Air Strike destroying the entire screen, Robo Mayhem transforming into RoboCop, and so on.

There are numerous places of the Majors conflict, notably Tropics, Metropolis, and Desert, each having a fascinating and distinct environment. The Major also has an animation that does not let the player down, and his adversaries, which take the shape of ninja-ninja, have a cute appearance and an unorthodox way of throwing shuriken. Explosions were also depicted with a lot of enthusiasm, along with sound effects that were magnificent and thrilling songs in their own right.

Major Mayhem is deserving of the title of a satisfying free-to-play game due to the fact that it is possible to play the game without having an active Internet connection, there are no obnoxious advertisements whatsoever, and there are not even stamina restrictions that prevent you from playing the game. Although you may purchase coins through in-game microtransactions, all of the game’s customization options and weaponry can be unlocked for free. However, this will require grinding on your part.

Do not continue your search if you are interested in a shooting game that is not more than 100 megabytes in size, can be played fast, and is thrilling. Major Mayhem is the game you are searching for since it comes with a variety of game modes, some of which are Survival, Arcade, Timebomb, and Classic.

Game Description Source: Major Mayhem @ Google Play

Major Mayhem MOD APK

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