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This game is really fun to play, and it would be a shame to play it without Magic Rampage mod apk. Use it to get unlimited gold, which you can use right away to buy armour for your hero. The price will be higher the higher the level of armour.

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Magic Rampage Game Description

Magic Rampage Game

Once upon a time, there was a warlock who was exceptionally powerful when it came to attacking the castle. The monarch was put in jeopardy when each of the guards fell one at a time. Your mission as a member of the group tasked with defending the nation is to vanquish the Warlock and retrieve the king. The plot of the Asantee providing game known as Magic Rampage is as described above.

Magic Rampage is mostly an action platformer with some role-playing game features thrown in there. The player assumes the role of a knight in this game, and has the ability to personalize their character by equipping them with a selection of different types of armor and weapons. Players will go through a variety of environments, such as castles, marshes, and woods, and must eliminate zombies that stand in their way at each level.

In Magic Rampage, players have the ability to select their character class before beginning the game. These classes include Mage, Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, and Thief, among others, and it is possible to alter each character’s outward look. In the beginning, players may change the color of their armor, the color of their eyes, and the form of their eye. However, after that, players will have the opportunity to acquire a range of additional weapons and armor as they go through the game, as well as customize the elements that may be employed.

The player can easily take control of the character by using the virtual gamepad that is located at the bottom of the screen. On this gamepad, the player can use the left and right buttons to move the character to the left and right, and the bottom right of the screen contains buttons for attacking and jumping. If the player presses the attack button, they will be able to throw their weapon in front of them; however, this action cannot be repeated indefinitely because there is a certain amount of attacks and they must wait until their meter is full again before they may attack again.

Players start with 3 Life, which is depleted whenever they take damage from an opponent. When this Life is used up, he will either have to start the game over or spend a certain amount of money (which may be readily collected over the course of the game) in order to proceed.

Your efforts to save the king while fending off a wide variety of monsters that are obstructing your path are the primary focus of the narrative in Magic Rampage. These foes include a wide variety of creatures, including zombies, bats, dragons, and many others. Find three crystals that function as a three star system in this game, save soldiers who are being attacked by monsters, discover secret rooms, solve puzzles, and obtain better weapons such as knives, sticks, hammers, and so on. These are some of the challenges that are unique to each stage. Other challenges include: Determine the person or people responsible for this situation, and then work to find a solution to the problem.

In addition to the Story Mode, you also have the option to test your hero’s mettle in the game’s most difficult dungeon. The rewards you receive from completing this dungeon not only multiply, but they may also be utilized to strengthen your character in general.

There is also a mode that allows players to compete against one another in a dungeon that features a random assortment of foes, traps, and bosses. This option is available for those of you who are interested in engaging in multiplayer gaming.

The bad Warlock and the monsters are just as likely to have a charming alias as the other characters in this game, which all have the appearance of being midgets. All of the characters in this game have an adorable alias. Even though this game has a lovely main character, parents should not let their children play Magic Rampage since it contains a lot of gore. For example, if a player’s character is killed, his body will splinter and blood will spray everywhere.

As is customary, Magic Rampage features a free-to-play model, which means that users are not required to spend any money in order to participate in the game. And to add to the enjoyment, you don’t even need an internet connection to play this game; it can be played completely offline. Microtransactions are offered at a variety of pricing points for the purpose of acquiring coins.

However, it is important to mention that Magic Rampage is one of the most difficult games. This is due to the fact that players who are not yet familiar with a stage will frequently be killed or imprisoned in order to advance to the next level. Guaranteed to repeatedly repeat a level until it is totally accomplished, especially if the player wishes to pass a stage properly, such as acquiring all of the crystals and saving the troops who are under assault. If you enjoy hard action platformer games, then you absolutely need to give Magic Rampage a shot.

Game Description Source: Magic Rampage @ Google Play

Magic Rampage MOD APK

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The primary narrative of Magic Rampage focuses on your efforts to rescue the King from a wide variety of enemies, including zombies, bats, dragons, and many others. These foes must be vanquished before you may succeed in your mission. Find three crystals in this game, save troops who are being assaulted by monsters, discover hidden areas, solve riddles, enhance weapons such as knives, sticks, hammers, and so on are some of the tasks you will face during the game’s many stages. Determine the person or people responsible for this occurrence, then work to resolve it.

But there is no need to be concerned because the Unlimited Money feature of the Magic Rampage generator can grant you access to Unlimited Everything. If you find yourself in a position where you need to save lives before the stage is over, you can do so with these unlimited coins.

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