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With Mad Dragon Defense mod apk, you can get Unlimited Gems. With that, you can buy everything in the shop, including soul stones, energy, life runes, and everything else.

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Mad Dragon Defense Game Description

Mad Dragon Defense Game

What steps will you take if a dragon is sound asleep? Are you trying to look at the world through sticks? Should I hurl a knife at him? Place the bomb in close proximity to it, and then detonate it? Are you up to the challenge of yelling at him till he finally opens his eyes? Or would you rather sneak out without making a fuss?

The ignorant and conceited guy, rather than allowing him to sleep soundly, wakes him and brings conflict into the world. Rather than being a regular dragon, this one has four heads. At long last, the dragon reared its head and wrecked everything. That is a snippet from the narrative that was included in the Mad Dragon Defense video game that was developed by Eliam & Taida Games.

Are you of the Mad Dragon Defense team that supports the haughty humans? That’s not right! You, the player, take on the role of the four-headed Dragon in this game, and your objective is to kill those idiotic people. In this fun tower defense game, you get to take command of each of the four dragon heads.

It can be difficult to get a handle on a dragon’s behavior. The player does not aim the shot in the correct direction; rather, they are required to draw it towards the back of the intended target, similar to how one would pull a slingshot. In order to shoot in the desired direction, the player has to touch the chosen head and then pull it towards the back of the screen. This will cause a line to appear that indicates the direction of the shot. When you have reached the point where it seems comfortable, release your touch, and the dragon’s head will rocket toward the line.

The heads of the dragons are all different. The first head has the ability to discharge fireballs in a curved trajectory downward, the second head has the ability to blast sharp bits of ice, the third head has the ability to shoot a very strong laser, and the fourth head has the ability to capture electricity.

Each of the dragon’s heads has a different purpose, since it is difficult to shoot fireballs into the sky, pieces of ice are used to shatter air balloons and force them to fall, lasers are effective for killing troops wearing shields, and electric shocks may kill foes that fly.

Mana is required, though, in order for the heads of these dragons to fire their projectiles. This quantity is restricted, yet it never stops replenishing itself. The most challenging situation for a player is one in which there are an excessive number of enemies on the screen; in this situation, it will be tough to stop the enemies from penetrating the defenses when the player runs out of mana. In most cases, enemies that are getting closer to the dragon will attack it, causing its Life total to decrease. If you do not want the dragon to perish, you must ensure that its Life bar does not go dry. Players have access to a variety of unique powers, such as Life Healing, Mana Healing, and Time Stop, that can help them avoid dying. The use of this ability, as is customary, is subject to a cooldown period, and that period is quite lengthy.

Players will earn a Soul whenever they complete a stage, and players may use this Soul to purchase upgrades for their heads. If you have a head that shoots fireballs, for example, you may update it so that the fireballs also start fires on the ground. If you have a head that shoots lightning, you can enhance it so that the lightning strikes the second adversary, and so on.

Although there are some color changes, the silhouette visuals used in Mad Dragon Defense give the impression that the game exclusively uses black graphics. The animation, on the other hand, is quite impressive; in particular, the scene in which the dragon fires objects to eliminate dumb humans is very heroic.

It is possible to play Mad Dragon Defense for free; however, if you do so while connected to the Internet, you will be subjected to a barrage of obnoxious commercials. In addition, there is a stamina system in the game, but there are only five of them, which significantly reduces the amount of fun that can be had playing the game. There are in-game purchases available for Souls and Gems, with the latter serving as a premium currency that may be used on purchasing dragon customization options. Microtransactions are available.

Regardless of this, Mad Dragon Defense is a genuinely remarkable game altogether. When else will there be a game in which you take control of a four-headed dragon that has the ability to eliminate arrogant and ignorant humans off the face of the earth?

Game Description Source: Mad Dragon Defense @ Google Play

Mad Dragon Defense MOD APK

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Because it is difficult to launch fireballs into the sky, each dragon head serves a distinct function. To bring about the desired effect of breaking air balloons and causing them to fall, one dragon head is required. The second dragon head serves the purpose of launching missiles at aerial targets. An additional dragon head is utilised to attack soldiers who are shield-clad. And last but not least, one of the dragon’s heads is employed to kill enemy forces who are soaring through the air.

When you use Mad Dragon Defense Cheats, however, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or confused in order to complete the stage because you’ll be able to purchase all of the necessary items. If you approach this game with a positive attitude, it will lift your spirits.

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