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This game gives you the feeling of being an idol, and you can use the Love Live School idol festival mod apk to get unlimited Love Gems. If you have Unlimited Love Gems, you can trade them for LP to keep your LP full so you can play any song you want.

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Love Live School idol festival Game Description

Love Live School idol festival Game

Review in Its Entirely: Love Live! Love Live!, School Idol Festival, and more! Love Live! is the subject of the mobile game titled School Idol Festival. School Idol Project is a Rhythm Action & Adventure video game that was developed by Bushimo. Despite the fact that it is free to play, players will still need to pay in order to acquire Loveca Stone, which is required for a number of in-game functions (such as recharging energy). Game of Love and Live! This School Idol Festival is initially published for iOS, and only after a few months does it become available for Android. It may be downloaded through the Japanese App Store that is associated with each device.

The actual game is split into two halves, which are the following: Players have the option to read supplementary narratives that are associated with School Idol contestants (read muse). The story will become available to players at higher levels, and it will be updated periodically, at least once each month. In addition to the main tales that are played out during the game, there are also side stories that may be experienced with each character, as well as new characters that can be unlocked in the game by elevating the kizuna (bond) of each card to its maximum level. The Live Part is the basis of this game, which is a rhythm game. Players are required to build a unit that consists of 9 selected persons, with the stronger members having the ability to enhance the players’ high score (of course also influenced by the players playing skills). It now consists of 17 major songs, 4 special songs whose presence varies based on the day, and several unique songs for the event. There are also some special songs that have been written just for the event. Each song was picked from one of the artist’s albums that had been published up until this point in time.

The preceding was only a brief overview of this game; in the following, I will discuss each aspect of it in turn and also provide you with all of the information that you want concerning this game (as far as I know). To cut to the chase, let’s look at this together (this review is based on the iOS version). After you have navigated through the Title Screen, you will be met by members who are made the centre of the screen (typically, of course, the favourite member, which in this case is Honoka for me: 3), and the member will also act as your navigator anytime you pick a menu that is not Live. EXP: displays both the quantity of experience points that are now available and the minimum number of experience points required to advance in Rank. If you increase your Rank, the LP will be completely filled, and doing so will also have additional repercussions, such as raising the maximum LP, the maximum number of friends who can be accommodated, and also opening up new storylines, which will ultimately result in the introduction of new songs.

LP stands for Live Points, which refers to the points required to play. Every six minutes, you’ll receive a point back in your account (in other words, in 1 hour there will be 10 points). The number of required points to perform a song varies from the easiest, which requires only four LP, to the most difficult, which requires twenty-five LP. The lowest number required is four LP. Replenish LP: Press this button to add more LPs. LP may be completely refilled with just one Loveca Stone being used. Displays the current position held in the queue. Displays the total quantity of gold that is presently held. Gold is required in order to advance in levels of the members. This displays the current owner’s LCS (Loveca Stone) inventory count.

LCS may be purchased, and it can also be gained in the game in a number of other methods, such as by increasing the Kizuna (Bonds) of each combined member to their maximum potential. After reading the member’s side narrative, the player will receive 20,000 G and 1 LCS as a reward for doing so. Doing so will unlock the member’s side tale. Players will be eligible for additional rewards, such as Gold or LCS, if they fulfil specific requirements while performing a song (can be checked every time you choose a song). via taking part in activities and achieving a particular number of points. On the day of each member’s birthday, they will each get 5 LCS. In the event of an unexpected and unplanned maintenance reimbursement (usually 3 LCS). as well as other other festivals A location to pick up the present, whether it be from the results of daily logins, abrupt maintenance, member birthdays, or when gaining members but the slot for the shelter does not fit, it will enter here. Gift History is a place to pick up the present.

New Information: To see news about friends, such as the development of our friends and what SR and UR cards they obtain, and also to view mail from our friends. New Information: To see what SR and UR cards our friends get. Friend: This term is used for everything and everything that has to do with friends, including viewing a list of friends, viewing a list of friends who have not yet accepted a friend request, or viewing the other way around. The objective is to become familiar with the subsequent milestones that must be reached in order to unlock new songs.

An ongoing event will be displayed here, which when clicked on will take you to the event screen. This is where the central member of the primary unit will make their appearance. They may also utter a string of words that provide an explanation for the current predicament or phrases at random. When you touch this member, they will also shout other things, such as stop! and other things like that (if you touch it too often: 3) When you press this button, the home screen that you see above will be shown on your device. If you click on Story, you will go to the story menu. If you click on Club Member, you will go to the club member menu. If you click on Live, you will go to the live menu. If you click on Invite, you will go to the invite menu. If you click on Shop, you will go to the shop menu. If you click on Others, you will go to the others menu. Before moving on to the next step in each menu, the first thing to take into consideration is the members’ fundamental description.

Game Description Source: Love Live School idol festival @ Google Play

Love Live School idol festival MOD APK

Love Live School idol festival APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Love Gems
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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In addition to reading main storylines, players can also access new characters and side stories within the game by maximising the amount of kizuna (bond) that exists between a card and the character in question.

Especially when accompanied by the use of the Love Live School idol festival generator, the action that takes place within the game will be enjoyable. This allows you to play the game while listening to any song you like and continue doing so until you achieve a perfect score.

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