Lost Lands 4 mod APK will give you Unlimited Coins that can be used to get Unlimited Hints. Almost the same as the previous game, here the hints are useful to help finish the stage quickly.

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Lost Lands 4 Game Description

Lost Lands 4 Game

In Lost Lands 4, you are going to be transported into the realm of pirates. In the beginning, you play the role of a young woman who is participating in everyday activities in the world. When he got back from his morning workout, he saw a shiny chest waiting for him in his room. The chest would transport him back to the Lost Lands if he did not have his consciousness with him.

The woman is obligated to use the magical gloves that she brought back from her last journey when she returns. Upon opening the chest, he discovered a note written by Finner Stulburn, who was the captain of the Gray Flounder. Stulburn pleaded with the woman for assistance in getting back to Lost Island. In addition to that, Stulburn provided the Compass of the Worlds to be used as a key to reopen the gateway.

Game Description Source: Lost Lands 4 @ Google Play

Lost Lands 4 MOD APK

Lost Lands 4 APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Coins
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✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Complete a number of Lost Lands 4’s quests, which range from hidden to various minigames.

Lost Lands 4 generator will become significantly simpler once unlimited money is available. Play through all of the levels and enjoy the story.

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