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Lost in Harmony Game Description

Lost in Harmony Game

If these two sensations are able to settle in your mind, then playing Lost in Harmony might assist you in looking for new ways to rejuvenate yourself. Why? Because it takes an innovative approach by fusing the runner and rhythm game genres into a single game with a complex narrative that weaves in and out of itself. What is the result? So, here’s an intriguing new game that you can test out for yourself, of course.

The person who is the figure behind the work of Lost in Harmony is Yoan Fanise, who was the director of the video game Valiant Hearts in the past. The creator of Digixart Entertainment, who formerly worked for Ubisoft, is using the expertise he gained there to create a game runner called Lost in Harmony. His goal is to give players the feeling of participating in an entirely new experience.

The basic notion of Lost in Harmony is quite similar to that of other runner games that you have probably already experienced. Until the finish of the game, you will be requested to move around in order to navigate around a number of obstacles. The key distinction is that colliding with an adversary will not immediately result in the loss of all of your game progress; rather, any errors you make while playing will only have an effect on the total score you earn for each level.

Digixart includes a challenge in the form of a rhythm game, in which you are required to touch on an indication at precisely the appropriate moment. This is done in order to make the game more exciting. Every single challenge and indication that emerges is uniquely calibrated to the sound of the background music that is now being played.

As a consequence of this, playing Lost in Harmony seems very much like the feeling of playing a rhythm game that I seemed to have had when playing a portion of Valiant Hearts.

Even if the gameplay of Lost in Harmony is not exactly the same, at least the experience of playing the game may be considered to be the same. Of course, the action of touching the music indicator on the screen is not there in this version of the game.

Even though it’s a one-of-a-kind experience, playing Lost in Harmony might be challenging due to the presence of a few obstructions. It’s possible that if you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that the transition from the runner game to the rhythm part of this game seems less good than usual. This, in turn, causes players to have less ready fingers and may even cause you to come dangerously close to letting go of the Android device you’re holding.

It is possible to avoid this happening by including some type of indicator that indicates when the rhythm moment of the game and the runner have passed. This would let the player know when it is the appropriate time to place both thumbs on the screen. In spite of these drawbacks, I believe it has the potential to be a challenge for you, which will require you to concentrate even more in order to achieve a perfect score.

Oh, you’re right, I was so close to forgetting to bring up the narrative component of Lost in Harmony. In this game, you take on the role of Kaito, a young man with an emo appearance who is trapped on a skating board with a girl named Aya.

The portion of the narrative that you are referring to in this game takes place in the past and revolves around the two of them at times when Aya was not bedridden due to her sickness. Digixart’s goal with Lost in Harmony is to fully dramatise the tale in such a manner that it makes you feel comfortable following all of the many levels that are presented to you.

It’s interesting to note that Digixarts’ support for the story delivery and replay value parts of Lost in Harmony are carefully addressed through the game’s wide range of features. Those of you who are open to experiencing new things can take advantage of this place’s level editor function to produce a variety of unique levels by making use of the music on your own device.

In addition to the editing function, Digixart is now working on preparing an interwoven adventure tale including new characters. This story is currently under wraps and won’t be revealed until Lost in Harmony has been downloaded by more than 100,000 people. The good news is that those of you who use Android may at least test out a few levels of Lost in Harmony without spending any money before you decide whether or not to buy the additional levels via the in-app purchase option that is available.

The display of Lost in Harmony itself, as well as the type of presentation of musical backdrop and sound, which are the primary components of the game, is quite nice. This is also true of the presentation of the game’s key elements. The majority of the graphical components have been hand-drawn in order to give the impression that the game was created with more creative skill. There are even animated sequences in some portions of the game, making it less likely that the background you view would be unchanging and uninteresting.

In light of all I’ve said about Lost in Harmony thus far, I believe that this video game has a strong possibility of emerging as the leading contender for the title of greatest (and most original) endless runner in 2016.

Game Description Source: Lost in Harmony @ Google Play

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The concept behind Lost in Harmony is very identical to that of your runner’s game from earlier. You will face a task to switch between different obstacles in order to clear them before the game is over. The key distinction is that if you collide with an opponent, the only score that will be affected by your less-than-perfect play is the cumulative total from each level.

The experience of playing Lost in Harmony is, on the whole, a positive one, and we ought to be grateful for its emergence. This is especially true for those of you who are already exhausted by how formulaic the game runner game has become in recent times. You can get an unlimited money by using the Lost in Harmony Cheats.

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