Loop Taxi MOD APK Unlimited Coins Ticket Unlock All Car

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If you have the Loop Taxi mod apk, you can get Unlimited Coins, which allows you to unlock all of the game’s maps. In addition to that, you will immediately receive Unlimited Tickets as well as the Unlocking of All Cars.

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Loop Taxi Game Description

Loop Taxi Game

Who would have thought that driving around in a loop in a cab would be so difficult? There are numerous taxi games available for mobile devices, but on average, these games are forced to utilise 3D visuals. Who would have guessed? Some of them could appear nice, but many of them feature visuals that are not as impressive as one might want. If you don’t like 3D visuals and are looking for a taxi game with 2D graphics, then GameGuru Loop Taxi could be the right choice for you. Loop Taxi is a game in which, as suggested by the name of the game, you, the player, will take charge of a taxi and be responsible for transporting people to the locations specified by them.

What should be observed in this situation is the location of the delivery that is pretty straightforward as well as the location of the taking of passengers. The only direction allowed is from one end of the road to the other. Along the road, there are various dangerous crossroads, and players have to assess when it is safe to cross the intersection so that they may do it in an accurate and timely manner. The management is really easy to understand as well. The player needs to make only one touch to the right side of the touch screen in order to drive a cab across the street. The cab will cross the street and come to a stop at the next junction. And so on until you reach the spot where passengers are to be picked up, at which point you will need to turn around and walk in the other way in order to deliver the passengers to the place where cabs are first parked. After then, the taxi will do a U-turn and return to the position from whence it took the passenger, and it will continue to do so until the player ultimately misses the opportunity to cross the road and is involved in an accident at a later point. When the deadline approaches, the speed of the traffic is typically not overly rapid.

However, players have a responsibility to exercise extreme caution if they hear sirens, as this indicates that there will be emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, racing to cross the crossroads. If one of these unique cars collides with a player’s taxi, the player will suffer a financial penalty equal to a percentage of the money they have earned. Perhaps there are some players who have the strategy of patiently waiting for traffic in order to play the game in a safe manner. Be wary, though, if there is a tow truck in the area while you are waiting for an extended period of time at the junction. The driver of the tow truck may incorrectly conclude that you are parked irresponsibly, leading to the impounding of your taxi and the conclusion of the game. The player will get some money once they successfully transport a person to their destination. This money may be put toward the purchase of brand new taxis, the vast majority of which are not even taxis.

The primary objective of Loop Taxi is to transport people, but the game also includes three additional minigames that may be accessed by using tickets. There is a Prize Wheel, which is a Wheel of Fortune, there is also a Find & Win, in which players search for the same three objects, and there is a Complete the Word, in which players pay one ticket to open a card that has letters and try to arrange them into a word. All of these games can be played simultaneously.

Tickets are obtainable by opening gift boxes that can be found throughout the game. The cartoon visuals in Loop Taxi are not overly complicated. The whole playing field can be viewed from above, and there are four different playing fields to select from, each of which is situated in a different area. Every moving vehicle has a basic animation, but if one of them collides with a player’s taxi, the collision will seem rather dramatic with flames and smoke. When there is an accident, the sound effects of individuals screaming may also be heard in the background. When playing Loop Taxi, it is essential to ensure that the sound is on so that players are aware of when there is a potential danger in the form of a car that is emitting a siren.

This GameGuru taxi game is a free-to-play game that does not require a player to have an internet connection in order to play. Additionally, the game does not have a stamina system, so players are free to play it whenever they want, despite the fact that they will be interrupted by advertisements while playing. There are a few in-app purchases available, such as those for game tickets and virtual currency; in addition, as was previously noted, there are a few unique cars that can only be purchased with real-world cash.

In general, Loop Taxi is a game that is fairly straightforward and simple to pick up and play, but it is tough to achieve a high score in the game unless you play it with extreme caution. The gameplay of the game will frequently lead you to criticise significant vehicles like fire trucks and police cars that are not afraid to collide with a taxi that is crossing the street; however, it is interesting to note that this is precisely what encourages players to feel more curious to achieve a higher score. Loop Taxi may easily join the ranks of games that can be played on smart phones because its file size is only 49 megabytes (MB), making this a feasible option.

Game Description Source: Loop Taxi @ Google Play

Loop Taxi MOD APK

Loop Taxi APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Coins, Ticket, Unlock All Car
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Overall, Loop Taxi is a very simple and straightforward game to play, but it is difficult to earn a high score unless the game is played attentively. If you do not play the game correctly, you will not be successful. However, the fact that players are forced to condemn large vehicles like fire trucks and police cars even when they haven’t hit a taxi is what compels them to try to improve their score.

There are limousines, sports cars, vans, mini buses, and large buses, as well unlimited different types of military vehicles, such as army jeeps and armoured personnel carriers (APC). There are also tanks. Because you have Loop Taxi Cheats, you have access to all of the vehicles. Additionally, the statistics for each vehicle are unique. While taxis can only accommodate two passengers at a time, they can travel at a much faster speed than buses, which can carry ten passengers at once but move much more slowly.

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