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King of Thieves Game Description

King of Thieves Game

In the same vein as our previous conversation, the straightforward auto-platformer game King of Thieves contains PvP content despite its simplistic nature. If you ask what an auto-platformer is, I’ll tell you. This is a platformer game in which your character will go ahead automatically, and all you have to do to control the direction he advances in is use the instructions that are presented to you to alter his motions.

For me, the King of Thieves game is comparable to the Thief Lupine 2 video game that I reviewed the previous year. If in Thief Lupine 2 you are given a new set of instructions, King of Thieves just provides you one wall jump control to select which direction your character is travelling in. This is in contrast to Thief Lupine 2, which gives you a distinct set of commands. To leap in this area, all you have to do is press the screen once, and then tap it again on the wall to make yourself reflect in the opposite way.

The profession-based concept that Zeptolab decided to use as the basis for the title of this game is not too dissimilar to that of the King of Thieves game. Your mission is to act the part of a thief and empty the treasure chests that are located at the end of the dungeon in order to replenish your money coffers. The money that you have earned can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades for your base of operations. These upgrades can range from the construction of better gold-producing mining mines to the purchase of upgrades that make your traps more effective, from increasing the number of lockpick supplies that you carry to other similar improvements.

In King of Thieves, the presence of headquarters is an essential component that provides you with a justification for engaging in player against player (PvP) activities. Yes, everyone of us has our own headquarters, and it is possible for other players to break into them. Because of this, you need to put up a variety of different kinds of traps to make it tough for adversaries who are trying to take gold or diamond from you. The more times he dies while attempting to overcome the artificial obstacles you’ve set up, the less gold coins he receives as a reward.

The process of setting up a trap at your own headquarters is a trying experience that may be exhausting, but it is also quite exhilarating to accomplish. Why is that? Because the trap that you created previously requires you to pass through it by yourself twice, the King of Thieves game cannot be said to be in a state of equilibrium. You could simply point the cannon’s muzzle in the direction of the entrance, or you could place a large number of homing bees in the area around the treasure box. You will, however, be required to test your own trap and make it through the entire process in order to ensure that it is fair for the other participants.

In practice, Zeptolab will guarantee that there are openings through which players may navigate around your trap, preventing it from functioning properly until it has been fully activated. This presented a challenge for me to construct the most effective trap and overcome it on my own so that the adversary would have a tough time obtaining items that I possessed.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the motivation behind why you should steal, let’s talk about how Zeptolab’s league structure encourages players to compete against one another to see who can be the most successful thief. As a result of this, the presence of diamonds was one of the primary motivating factors that encouraged players of King of Thieves to compete with one another. You will be placed in one of six distinct leagues based on your total score on the scoreboard, which is determined by the total worth of the diamonds that you have gathered. It is possible to raise the worth of each individual diamond by fusing them together to create totem sculptures that are then dispersed around the globe map.

Recent innovations in mobile games have begun to add asynchronous multiplayer elements, which will give you the impression that you are competing against thousands of other players all over the world. The success of games like Clash of Clans that have successfully adopted this sort of system motivates other creators to integrate it into various genres of games, like Zeptolab did with its newest title King of Thieves. For example, Clash of Clans has successfully implemented this kind of system.

This method of combining diamonds is the one that other players will focus on the most when they are attempting to steal items from your headquarters. After a player has successfully stolen anything by acquiring a perfect star, there is a chance that the other player will take fifty percent of the diamonds that are being combined. This happens after the player has successfully stolen something. Your sole option for retrieving your diamond is to appeal to the Facebook social media integration that you use with your companion or the guild or clan that you follow for assistance.

When it comes to flaws, King of Thieves includes gem implementation across each and every part of the game. Depending on the quantity of gems you have, you may reduce the amount of time it takes to improve your headquarters, reduce the amount of time it takes to merge diamonds, buy crafting base materials, and buy additional key supplies to break into opposing bases. The idea behind this is that the use of a gem ensures that you will never have enough of it, despite the fact that you will keep getting more of it as you level up, which is a feature of free-to-play games that I personally don’t particularly enjoy.

Although the usage of gems is not required, if you plan on competing in larger leagues in the future, you cannot help but look at the in-app purchase option that Zeptolab provides for gems. This is because gems cost real money. It might be argued that the price of the IAP that is priced at Zeptolab is on the high end considering the number of people living around the world. Spending real-world money is by far the most common choice made by players of King of Thieves since doing so enables them to acquire the 300 gems required to complete a number of instant activities.

In the end, the overarching goal of every member of the league of thieves in King of Thieves was to prove that they were the most skilled. When we first start playing a game like this, we have the distinct idea that it would be highly engaging, but as the game progresses, there is a growing risk that it may empty our wallets. In general, I can say that Zeptolab has been successful in producing games of a high quality that are also quite exciting to play.

King of Thieves is an intriguing platformer that is well of your attention this week, despite the fact that I have some reservations regarding the several applications of the gem that were stated before. If you give it a shot, you could discover that you have the skills necessary to be a successful thief.

Game Description Source: King of Thieves @ Google Play

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When you set a trap, the game will automatically construct holes in it so that other players can navigate past it before it has fully taken effect.

King of Thieves generator allow players to obtain an unlimited money (we called it as gold). If you want to be the best player, you need to have a process that is instant. You won’t have any trouble acquiring items for crafting.

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