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Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time Game Description

Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time Game

Ikesen, which stands for Sengoku Ikemen Romances Across Time, is a visual novel in which you play the role of the Main Character, a young woman who aspires to have a career in the fashion industry. The main character went to one of Japan’s most well-known temples one day. Since the data is malem, things have been rather calm in that location, and the only other person there is another guy. The main character (and the other person) were drawn to a wormhole for some reason out of the blue. Then, when he returned to his senses, the main character was inside the Honno-ji temple, which was on fire, exactly at the moment when the life of a well-known warlord, whose safety we may or may not have been aware was in danger. Who else except Oda Nobunaga could hold the title of warlord?

It turns out that the MC had some fascinating connections to the past. To cut a long and complicated story short, MC eventually saved Oda Nobunaga from the circumstances that history recognised to be the warlord’s last moments. In the beginning, the main character, or the one who he rescued, was Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga was immediately attracted to the MC and declared that the MC was his lucky charm. He ordered the MC to stay in his castle and then appoint the MC to be chatelaine, a girl who had the responsibility to take care of home affairs. When Nobunaga saw how courageous and presumptuous the MC was with him, Nobunaga was immediately attracted to and declared that the MC was his lucky charm.

Not long after that, the MC met again with the man who was dragging into the wormhole with him. The individual believed that by adopting the identity of Sarutobi Sasuke, a well-known fictional ninja, history would not be significantly altered by his presence. Sasuke revealed that the next wormhole will open around three months later, therefore the MC needed to make preparations to travel back in time within the allotted time frame. Sasuke emphasised to the MCs the need of avoiding romantic attachments to ensure that the issue does not get more difficult.

MC so badass. It indicates that the MC-MC in Otome laen, which is often of the type of letting it flow and is held by males, is handled in a different manner, among other things. The main character, or MC, in Ikesen gets right to the point. If there is something that you are unsure of, he will inquire about it and make an effort to clear things up. The most important element is that the MC does not hold back from expressing what is currently going through his head.

In addition, the males in this story are the ones who go after the person the main character likes, rather than the MC going for the guy he’s interested in. On the whole, they are perplexed as a result of the MCs audacity, which is in contrast to the behaviour of typical girls of that era (perhaps). Because of this, the plot is incredibly interesting and entertaining, and it does not make us feel weak in any way. I, too, haven’t interacted with this MC in the least degree at all.

It is no longer necessary to offer commentary on works of art. The pictures done by Yamashiro-sensei are incredibly stunning, and they were used to create a character. The look of the lords is not limited to only one stance, though; their head position and facial expression can shift, yet they will still be misunderstood. There are no more words to speak regarding the subject of art.

The narrative. According to me, Ikesen’s personal history is both riveting and refreshingly devoid of tired tropes. The romance is passable and even a little poignant, but the rating is for those 16 years old and older anyhow. Not that there is actually a smut, but up till now I’ve just inferred smut, and reading it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable in any way. The ignorance is becoming tiresome and exceptionally dull, particularly when combined with the comments that tend to arise from snappy MC. Only this time will I play Automobage, whose admission can force me to concede.

It is possible that the fact that there is obvious communication between the lords and the MC is one of the things that sets this game apart from other versions of otomobage. That is to say, the steady exchange of acceptable information is the foundation around which their connection is constructed. Consequently, while I was engaging in this activity, not once did it occur to me to wonder, Ha, how come they suddenly like one other? Alternately, The flow is very quick! The familiarity between the characters does not come off as rushed or jarring either. This is a really interesting advantage to have.

However, one of Ikesen’s downsides is that these positive aspects contribute to it. The loading time is quite prolonged (because to the fact that I have to load the sounds correctly), and thus, a high quota is required. If you are serious about playing Ikesen, I strongly recommend that you restrict yourself to using just WiFi. In any case, the popularity of Ikesen in Japan is likely attributable to the benefits described above. Even before Cybird launched the English version of the game, the majority of otome enthusiasts all over the world were already familiar with this title. Ikesen is now available as a version for the PlayStation Vita, there is a stage performance, a number of different partnerships, and there are ANIMENTS!

The actual name of the anime is Sengoku Ikemen Bromances Across Time, so you’re right about that (or Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai). The length of each episode is barely three minutes and fifty seconds, and rather than focusing on the protagonist’s interaction with the other characters, it focuses on the relationships among the many lords. There is no MC present in any way, shape, or form.

The lords in the anime do not take the shape of ikemen (handsome gentlemen) like they do in the games; rather, they take the form of CHIBI! Imagine a scenario in which the nendoroid representations of the lords engage in conversation, conflict, and even photography with one another. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?!?!

Nobunaga embodies the archetype of the ore-sama, a powerful and haughty man. Prayer is accustomed to everyone following his will, thus when they first met, Nobunaga informed the MC in a casual manner that she should be his lady. This is because Nobunaga is used to everyone following his will. Because of MC badass, it was only natural that Nobunaga was harshly rejected.

Now, one of my favourite things about Nobunaga and the main character in this story is that they are able to address difficulties in an adult manner. The MC doesn’t appreciate it when Nobunaga bothers him, and he doesn’t hesitate to confront him about it. Nobunaga did not become furious, but instead he listened to the MC until they ultimately came to an arrangement that if the MC wanted to halt Nobunaga’s acts, all the MC had to do was say stop, and Nobunaga would have to say stop. It is not because one of them is afraid to fight the other that ultimately leads to the formation of their relationship; rather, it is because they respect one another.

Nobunaga is not only a very cool warlord but also an unbeatable one. He is also incredibly intelligent. If you are interested, you should navigate the path on your own. Ahh ~ Nobunaga-samaaa

To me, Masamune exemplifies the perfect kind of guy one should strive to find. I haven’t signed up for the race since I still compete in Nobu-race, sama’s but I have been participating in the Masamune event, and as a result, I have a better understanding that Masamune is truly so nice really really really.

In addition to it, there is the eyepatch. Even if he has a problem with one of his eyes, he is still very attractive and sensual. It doesn’t matter. I found myself wondering if I, as a lover of otome games, had particular fetishes associated with eyepatch characters. According to me, Byron on MidCin en Shokudaikiri from Touken Ranbu is hot, and Masamune in Ikesen is also creating paperwork!

The MC, SANADA YUKIMURA, had the opinion that he possessed a strikingly attractive appearance. It makes sense to me. Doi is an extremely fascinating topic. If you enjoy Alyn on the MidCin, then I suggest that you go for a run along the Yukkin path. Yep, lets be really tsundere. If we are to believe what one of the Cybird members has said, Yukkin possessed a high level of intelligence while he was in high school. A typical person who wants to toy with you, and when you conveyed how you felt to him, he scampered away as quickly as he could. Lol.

TOKUGAWA IEYASU, at first glance, appeared to be wealthy and hip, with few people talking to him, etc. However, it was discovered that Ieyasu had an even more tsundere personality than Yukkin. Extremely ambiguous and tsundere-like at the same time. However, Ieyasu was not at all chilly within, despite the fact that all of his comments may be seen as being overly icy. Examples such as the following:

TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI, I solemnly promise that he was really kind and concerned with each and every person. For instance, Masamune is continually pursuing MC, even though MC is the type of person who doesn’t give a damn about anything. Only Hideyoshi was able to persuade them, saying, Hey, you two! Prioritize protection!

When following in Nobunaga’s footsteps, Hideyoshi would focus the most of his emphasis on the MC. Doi must instantly ask directly with the MC if for example MC seems like its not in the mood. Even during the battle, when the other cowboys went to the front line, the MC was left in the encampment, and Hideyoshi was the first to return to discuss about Nobunaga’s health because he knew the MC was once again on the run. Ahh ~ hes so lovely and caring ~!

If my trainer departed later, I was determined to send my Pokmon out on Route Hideyoshi as soon as possible.

Ishida Mitsunari is a very intelligent and geeky individual who serves as the primary strategist for Nobunaga’s crew. After Hideyoshi, Mitsun was the individual with the second most concern for others. Plus, the smile is soooooooo

Anyway, the MC himself speculates that Mitsun could be the person who is the most typical of all males (in Nobunagas team especially). Mitsun is also a very much sweet talker, even if he himself does not recognise that what he is saying is actually teasing the person he is talking to. In other words, Mitsun does not realise that what he is saying is flirting with the girl he is talking to. That way, you may effortlessly flirt with her without her knowing it and without her meaning to in the first place. Lol.

a mysterious individual who is now extremely detained. In the path taken by Nobunaga, there is one conflict between he and the MC that not only causes him to make me laugh but also causes me to laugh. It would appear that Mitsuhide is a smart and clever individual; yet, we do not know what his true thoughts are on the matter. Because of this, many refer to him as a mystery figure.

In spite of this, Nobunaga has an unwavering faith in Mitsuhide. It is common knowledge that Mitsuhide was the one who ultimately betrayed Nobunaga, and it was fair to have me go on carrying on down the way of Nobu in order to discover whether or not it is true that Mitsuhide would betray Nobu, given that I admired Nobu and how he was deceived. On the other side, I enjoy it when Mitsuhide plays BANGET because I appreciate it when he is a jerk.

Instead, I will continue to discuss my predicament so that you can play Nobunaga’s own path and find out how Mitsuhide is doing. The one thing that is very evident is that I AM A VERY PENGEN NGEJALANIN ROUTE-NYA MITSUHIDE!

The Warlord has joined forces with a different group that is fighting against Nobunaga. Shingen is a really flirtatious individual, judging by the event that I’ve managed, even if I don’t know too much about him. Therefore, keep an eye on the MC; he must be trying to woo the MC.

Furthermore, he is of high quality. Shingen diem-diem left a plate of dango as a birthday greeting for Masamune, despite the fact that Masamune was his adversary. This occurred when I inadvertently ran into Masamune at the dango store. When Shingen knew Masamune again, he did this. When he recognised Masamune again, he did this.

really stunning, and quite powerful. Doi has a strong will to battle and enjoys taking on difficult tasks. Doi is likewise distant with everyone, yet she possesses an irresistible magnetism that makes it impossible for her to be ignored.

Strangely, it seems to be implied that Kenshin believes love to be something that might lead to one’s own demise. At one time, he appeared at an event and urged the MC to go away with him while making a sorrowful face. Make me ponder.

Because of an old score to settle with Nobu, Nobunaga held a deep-seated animosity for him. Therefore, the adversary of Nobu was not only the side led by Kenshin, but also Kennyo and the others who followed him.

In any case, despite the fact that Kennyo is incredibly wealthy and the fact that this may not pique your interest in him, I find myself inquisitive about him still. Because Kennyo possesses his own allure, despite the fact that his age gap with the MC makes it appear as though they are too far apart for them to have a chance at one another. It is difficult to describe. Watching episode 5 of the anime Ikesen would be my recommendation, mate. I say no.

The male human who travelled across time with the MC. Even though he entered in the world four years before MC, he maintains a cool and collected demeanour at all times. It appears that Doi is a graduate student in the department of astrophysical theory (if I’m not mistaken) (just swear the name of the department makes me dizzy).

I have no idea what he did for those four years, but it is impossible to understate how skilled he was as a ninja at that point in time. Sasuke also joined the Kenshin faction, which implies that theoretically the antagonistic main character is now a part of Nobunaga’s group. Sasuke joined the Kenshin faction. However, Sasuke never actually departed or harassed the MC in such a direct manner. Sasuke enjoys sneaking inside Nobu castle in order to discover the MCs, either to inquire about what they are up to or to provide vital information concerning how they might travel back in time.

The moment when the MC revealed to Sasuke on the battlefield that finally the MC and Nobu had been created is the most exciting part of the story. Sasukes response made me acknowledge.

There are lessons that need to be completed and dress-up avatars that need to be used in order to avoid certain checkpoints in the narrative if the Ikesen game system is similar to the other otome mobage systems, with the inclusion of ticket chapter 5 being unlocked every day. There is also a Gacha system for solving the lord puzzle that we have selected, and via it, we can acquire stuff to adorn our Castle. If we are able to achieve the Premium piece, we can also get tale pieces from the lord’s point of view that we have chosen. You won’t be sorry if you take advantage of this Premium discount, and I encourage you to do so.

Overall, I really enjoy Ikesen. It does not come as a surprise to me that Cybird released Ikesen in Japan, where his renown has grown, after only two years. Since it is available not just in Japan but also in the rest of the globe, there is no need to be hesitant about downloading this game since Sengoku Ikemen Romance Across Time COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Who else except Oda Nobunaga could hold the title of warlord? Discover where the hidden enigma is buried in the game.

Make sure you have used the Ikemen Sengoku Romances Across Time generator to get Unlimited Coins if you just can’t wait to get started playing the game. This is due to the fact that all in-game features, including the ability to continue chapters and read stories, require coins.

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