Idle Space Farmer MOD APK Unlimited Super Cash

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With Idle Space Farmer mod apk, you can get unlimited Super Cash. With Super Cash, players can buy different kinds of Boosts that will help them. For example, x2 can only be used for 1 hour or 12 hours. Each boost has a limited cash of time it can be used. The next ones are x5 (6 hours), x10 (1 hour), x10 (12 hours), and x50 (12 hours). With Super Cash, players can also get other benefits, like getting more Instant Cash. For 12 hours, players can get an extra + 91.3M, for 1 day, they can get an extra + 182M, and for 3 days, they can get an extra + 547M. Players can also buy chests, which come in different types like Normal Chests, Uncommon Chests, Rare Chests, and Legendary Chests.

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Idle Space Farmer Game Description

Idle Space Farmer Game

Idle Space Farmer is a simulation game that combines cultivating monsters with gathering gorgeous waifu. Despite the fact that the game has a farming theme, the game itself is really focused around farming. Yes, farming in this game does not refer to agriculture in the traditional sense; rather, it refers to the practice of farming monsters, which is repeatedly killing the same enemy in order to amass some resource, typically either money or experience points. On the other side, players will also be able to employ a variety of attractive agents to do the farming for them. These agents, in addition to doing their agricultural duties, may also be collected as waifus.

There is just one farmland available to the players at the beginning of the game in which they can raise monsters. The funds that have been collected will first be transported to the upper floor utilizing an elevator before being delivered to the bank. Players will be able to use this currency to purchase new farmlands, as well as to enhance agents, elevators, and banks that they already own.

Every farm needs one agent to serve as a monster exterminator and to undertake farming. The Gacha system allows players to acquire this agent; in order to call it, they may either use a free ticket or pay premium cash. Players have the option to do either.

There is a unique rarity associated with each agent (waifu), with the free agents often having a one or two star rarity. Players will be able to acquire agents with a rarity of three stars or more by making use of the premium currency, and if they are prepared to spend money, they will be able to get agents with a rarity of five or six stars. In addition, every representative possesses their own unique set of talents, which may be utilized to facilitate the acceleration of the agricultural process. It is not possible to assign any agents to those areas, particularly the bank and the elevator. Players are required to purchase a manager in order to accelerate the process of earning money with in-game currency.

It is absolutely necessary for a game to have beautiful artwork if it is going to rely on waifus. Because they show the artwork of the waifu in anime, with gorgeous artstyle, Idle Space Farmer is certain not to let players down in this regard. Of course, the higher the rarity, the more beautiful the waifu that is presented is as well. In addition, players have the ability to zoom in on the artwork in order to inspect it in greater depth. The actual gameplay consists of the agents appearing in a chibi style, and the battle motions are straightforward while yet being easy to follow.

Idle Space Farmer, which is advertised as being completely free to play, reportedly does not call for any sort of online connection at any point. The game may be played both online and offline, and players will still be able to earn money through farming no matter how they choose to play it. There is, of course, a microtransaction available for gamers to speed up the process of purchasing their waifu as the Gacha system is already in place, and the gathering of Super Cash premium currencies is not very difficult. Keep in mind, however, that because this is a Gacha system, there is no assurance that you will obtain the waifu that you are looking for.

This game is ideal for those of you who are extremely busy but still want to amass a waifu collection since it has a gameplay mechanism that requires very little player participation (players don’t even need to tap at all to engage in farming). Idle Space Farmer: Waifu Manager Simulator is the name given to this game when it’s purchased from the Google Play store.

Game Description Source: Idle Space Farmer @ Google Play

Idle Space Farmer MOD APK

Idle Space Farmer APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Super Cash
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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The characters themselves are depicted in a childlike condition, and the fight animations are streamlined while yet being easily identifiable to fans of the series.

The Idle Space Farmer generator give you access to an unlimited money. When playing the game, you will need both Super Cash and Instant Cash in order to open New Farm and ensure that your Instant Cash income will continue to increase. Additionally, Super Cash is required in order to stock the Gacha Pool with avatars having 3-6 Stars.

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