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With Ice Age Village mod apk, you will get a lot of good things. You can have unlimited coins and acorns. You can speed up the upgrades to buildings or spend other game items on other things.

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Ice Age Village Game Description

Ice Age Village Game

In preparation for the release of the fourth instalment in the Ice Age film series, dubbed Ice Age: Continental Drift, FOX worked with Gameloft to develop a game that would be marketed for use on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems. Obviously, a marketing campaign for the newest movie is the reason for developing this game in the first place. It would appear that one of the marketing goals for this product is to capitalise on the similarities between video games and movies. It doesn’t matter if you call it Hunger Games or In Time the Gaming; both of these games, which have been reviewed by game portals, have the same goal: to expose movies through gameplay. Some people are just impressed because the game is not very excellent, while other people are amazed because the creator makes games that are wonderfully designed. So, what exactly is the deal with Ice Age Village?

The adventure starts when Scrat, the squirrel, goes on a quest for the fruit of the oak tree so that he might take pleasure in making fissures in the layers of the ground that eventually lead to the formation of several continents. In the meantime, Manny (a mammoth), Ellie (a female mammoth), Diego (a smilodon), and Sid (a sloth) came up with the idea to construct a new community for creatures that had become separated from their families. Your mission is to provide assistance to them so that their settlement can be rapidly established and the wandering animals can be reunited. If you’ve ever played Smurf Village or The Oregon Trail: American Settler, you’ll find a lot of similarities between that game and Ice Age Village.

Actually, the gameplay mechanisms in Ice Age Village are rather comparable to those in the two games I described before. It is necessary for you to acquire a variety of animal species for the village that you intend to construct by purchasing them from a shop and then positioning them in accordance with your creation. The amount of coins (the game’s money) that are produced by each species of animal is dependent on the amount of time that has been allotted. It seems to reason that the quantity of money and time produced by each kind of animal is unique. In addition to that, you will need to provide food for these creatures so that they will offer you experience points, which will allow you to advance in levels. Do you wish to acquire additional coins? Upgrade each animal cage as soon as possible by finding a mate and producing offspring, with a limit of two offspring per animal cage. It would appear that traditional societies had practised the concept of family planning in earlier times.

There is also a Quest system in Ice Age Village that you are required to do. For instance, one of your objectives may be to locate youngsters for a certain animal type or to create decorations for the village that you have. Mini games similar to fruit ninjas are also available in the Ice Age Village; however, rather than cutting up fruit, players must slay piranha fish in these games. Yummy, if you are successful in finishing the assignment, you will be rewarded with coins that are on par with the costs of the mission. If you press the screen when the scratches begin running, you will be rewarded with additional money. This happens every few minutes and may be triggered by tapping the screen when the scratches begin flowing.

Fortunately, Ice Age Village is included in the category of promotional games that are designed properly so that they are entertaining to play. Not only that, but the addition of new features and mini games in this game brings a fresh alternative to games that are otherwise comparable. It would seem that the future edition of this game has to address some of the issues that have been pointed out above in order to reach its full potential.

Game Description Source: Ice Age Village @ Google Play

Ice Age Village MOD APK

Ice Age Village APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Coins, Acorn
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The good news is that Ice Age Village belongs to the category of promotional games that are designed to be extremely entertaining to play. On top of that, it has brand new features and mini games that make it a unique alternative to other games of its kind. If any of the issues described above appear in the subsequent release, they will be resolved and this game will become significantly better.

Visits to friends can be made, just like in the majority of other games of its kind. However, the game’s connectivity to Facebook is not maintained in an appropriate manner, so each time I want to visit friends I have to log in multiple times. A further drawback can be found in the control, specifically when it comes to moving objects to other locations where the control can feel imprecise and difficult to control. I also find it difficult to move small objects such as the streets because the location is too crowded and overlapping, and there are no features that allow you to temporarily eliminate the entire building like there were in the Smurf Village. Ice Age Village generator provides access to content that is extremely significant to our character.

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