You can obtain Unlimited Gold by using the Horrorfield mod APK, which you can then trade in for Unlimited Silvers. When it comes to levelling up characters, you can achieve instant acceleration by using gold. In the event that you do not have gold, you will be required to wait for the allotted time, which will take up some of your time.

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Horrorfield Game Description

Horrorfield Game

Horrorfield is an openly inspired adaptation of the popular multiplayer horror and action game Dead By Daylight. In this game, four players take on the role of a classic horror movie antagonist. The objective of the game for the person who is in charge of the monster is to slaughter the four people, while the objective for the four players who are in control of the humans is to elude the monster’s grasp and survive.

The virtual movement crosshead is located on the left side of the screen, while the action buttons are located on the right side of the screen. This layout makes Horrorfield’s control system incredibly easy to understand and use. In addition, a pop-up button will appear anytime there is an aspect of the scenario that may be interacted with by the player.

The objective of the four players who are in charge of the people will vary depending on the scenario; nonetheless, it will often require turning on a succession of generators, unlocking doors, and other similar tasks. In the meanwhile, they can try to protect themselves from the monster’s assaults and treat those who have been injured. On the other side, the player who is in charge of the monster will have the responsibility of pursuing the other players and attempting to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Horrorfield is a really nice action and horror game that offers a gaming experience that is quite similar to that of the aforementioned Day By Daylight, except it is played on Android devices rather than PC. In addition to that, the visuals in this game are really solid.

Game Description Source: Horrorfield @ Google Play

Horrorfield MOD APK

Horrorfield APK mod generator

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On Android smartphones, Horrorfield provides the above mentioned day by day a very near gameplay experience, and it is a really nice horror and action game as well. In addition to that, the game’s graphical presentation is rather good.

You have the ability to level up your character by using the unlimited money that Horrorfield generator provides. You can continue to level up your character until they reach the highest possible level. A character with a high level will have an increased status. In addition to that, you can use the silver to research skills if you so choose. The capacity of characters who have research will be of tremendous assistance to him when it comes to surviving and when it comes to pursuing adversaries.

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