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Homerun Battle 2 Game Description

Homerun Battle 2 Game

Homerun !!! When you make a perfect hit on the ball that the pitcher throws at you in Homerun Battle 2, this is the text that will display on the screen. This game seems to be a continuation of the previous game, Homerun Battle 3D, which was released. The gameplay of this sequel game, in which the player will function as a base ball batter and aim to gain unlimited points as possible from each successful throw at the ball batted at, has not altered significantly from the original game and remains the same.

Despite the fact that I have participated in this activity hundreds of times, I have not yet become bored. Homerun Battle 2 has the potential to produce significant amounts of addiction (Be careful with your time). The fact that it has nice visuals (although, in comparison to its predecessor, they are not all that different) makes it difficult for fans of this game, myself included, to resist playing it. The number of people who have signed up to play this game is in the hundreds of thousands. Even with a score of 1073, I was only rated 30,000th. It appears to be challenging to advance to higher rankings.

In Homerun Battle 2, players may purchase items using either Gold Balls or Stars. These are the game’s two different currencies. The Gold Ball is obtainable if we play through all of the game’s modes and reach all of the game’s accomplishments. On the other hand, Star can only be purchased through the purchase of it through the iTunes Store.

In Homerun Battle 2, much as in its predecessor, the Multi Play mode allows you to compete against players from all over the world. However, unlike its predecessor, this mode features three distinct game categories, which are as follows:

Duel is a race between two players to see who can fill the bar metre to its maximum. Whoever finishes their meal first is the winner. The value that we acquire after each hit is added to the metre bar, which is gradually filled out. The higher the value that we obtain, the further down the scale we fill the bar metre.

Survival: Much like a duel, one on one. On the other hand, we are now working on filling up our bar metres. Each player has access to four different talents, some of which are designed to make our lives easier (such as increasing the strength and range of our punch), while others are designed to make our opponents’ lives more difficult (such as shadow ball, magma ball, and others). In this competition, the loser is determined by who is the first to leave the bar.

Mission is one of my go-to game modes if I need to obtain a gold ball. In this area, we will be given a variety of assignments, and we, together with three other players, will compete against the clock to finish the mission. Extremely thrilling, since this location offers both solitary objectives (in which players are required to compete against three other players) as well as team assignments (completed with 3 other players). My favourite part of this assignment is collecting gold balls since many times the objective can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, and the amount of gold balls that can be gained is also quite a lot.

Here, in addition to competing against other players, we also have the option of testing our mettle against the computer in a mode known as Single Play. Additionally segmented into the following three game modes:

In the arcade, we are given the chance to play the game ten times in order to rack up unlimited points and home runs as we possibly can. When this happens, the pitcher will toss a Life Ball, which will count as one less out than normal.

Burning: This game is quite similar to those seen in arcades; the only difference is that the player’s sole attention here is on making accurate shots (there are no animated flying balls and so on). Our Burning metre will be filled up with every hit that is rated Good, Great, or Perfect. When the Burning bar reaches its maximum, the time bar that is located directly above it will also reach its maximum. When the timer reaches its maximum, the game will be over.

The method of training is practise. Both the rate at which the ball travels and the angle at which the pitcher throws may be altered.

To get a home run, all you really need is one thing, and that is for the batter to hit the ball accurately. Altering the direction in which the ball is struck does not have much of an impact. Timing that needs to be taken into consideration

If you hit it a little bit quicker than the timing, the ball will go to the left, if you hit it a little bit slower than the time, the ball will go to the right, and if you hit it precisely at the timing, the ball will go in the centre. The best way to catch up on the Cycling and Bulls Eye bonuses is to get some practise utilising ball-beating times.

After the player hits in any one of three possible directions (to the left, the centre, or the right), we will cycle. Cycling has earned you a bonus of three hundred points.

After Cycling has taken place and we have successfully struck the ball in the direction that was indicated, we will be awarded the Bull’s Eye. Bonus points equal to 500 for each Bull’s Eye. Additionally known as a Called Shot

If we are successful in hitting the ball more than 500 feet, we will have completed a Monster Shot. If the strength of your bat is still low, obtaining this item will be impossible. Bonus points equal to 500 for every monster shot.

If we strike the ball too quickly or too slowly, or if the trajectory of the ball takes it outside of the Fair Line area, we will commit a foul. An region that is 90 degrees in front of the player is known as the fair line. If we are unable to hit the ball, we will receive a strike.

Game Description Source: Homerun Battle 2 @ Google Play

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Even after playing this game hundreds of times, I still haven’t become tired of it. High levels of addiction are possible when playing Fight of Homerun 2. (Be careful with your time).

You should give the Homerun Battle 2 generator a shot because they will provide you with a lot of benefits if you do. You’ll be able to buy all of the costumes and put them to good use by showing them off to your other friends if you wear it.

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