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Hills of Steel Game Description

Hills of Steel Game

Who would have believed and expected that a casual game in the same vein as Hills of Steel could have reached over 10 million downloads on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Hills of Steel is a video game that was developed by Helsinki, which is the company that is in charge of Superlus Games. In this game, players take control of a tank and fight off any adversaries that appear. Players and gamers will, of course, have the ability to open and close the tanks that are being commanded during a fight in the multiplayer function against their buddies.

Round Zero was conceived of as a corporation that not only plays a role in the evaluation of games but also in the publication of games. Round Zero is the publisher of Hills of Steel. Because of this experience, Hills of Steel has been downloaded more than 10 million times on mobile devices running iOS and Android. In point of fact, the CEOs of Round Zero have recognized the potential of the Hills of Steel game; hence, they have made haste to experiment with a new publishing method, which they have ultimately been successful in doing so.

As a result of this, Superplus Games has started to get the odor that they will produce a sequel to the game Hills of Steel, seeing as how successful this game has been on the market. Naturally, Round Zero and Superplus Games’s successful collaboration was essential to the achievement of that goal, without which the goal could not have been achieved.

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Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel APK mod generator

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Superlus Games, based in Helsinki, Finland, is the studio that is responsible for the development of Hearts of Steel. The player assumes control of a tank and engages in combat against other players.

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