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Before we go any further, you should also try using HEIR OF LIGHT mod apk. Why? Of course, to get Unlimited Karats and the special feature “”Unlock All Avatars,”” you have to do that. There are a lot of different avatars you can choose from, such as Belladonnas or Grisette.

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HEIR OF LIGHT Game Description


The Social RPG genre is the one that has been worked on the most over the whole history of video game creation. As a result, it has undergone a great deal of evolution and growth. There are so many, the market for Social RPGs may be said to be something that has been cloudy, and the majority of the space in this market is taken up by significant developers like Square Enix, Nintendo, and many more.

Naturally, a large number of in-game purchases will follow the introduction of the social RPG game system. On the other hand, we can get around this by playing HEIR OF LIGHT in the hacked mode.

The level of competition in the social role-playing game market forces organizations to make a commitment to either go big or go home. In addition to this, they are required to develop titles that are friendlier to a greater number of gamers. As a direct consequence of this, the majority of today’s Social RPGs are far more approachable than their predecessors.

The participation in this tournament does come with certain drawbacks. One of them is that it becomes extremely challenging for new games to get into the market. This is primarily seen in gaming developers that have not yet established themselves as major brands, such as Gamevil. Because of this, they have released a large number of Social RPGs, most of which have had only moderate levels of success.

This time around, we spoke about the Social RPG game known as Heir of Light, which was launched by them in this calendar year. This game appears to have a lot of potential, as it features a wide range of material, events, and more than adequate narrative to go along with it. In point of fact, this idea is not really groundbreaking, but they executed it quite capably.

When we played it for the first time, we were regrettably left with the impression that the experience was not all that powerful, and the tale seemed to be too intricate for the scale of a Social RPG. In point of fact, the narrative is rather creative; yet, because there is a great deal of material, we frequently had to condense discussions or explanation texts that appeared.

Heir of Light teaches you a lot of different strategies for putting together a good squad. In point of fact, there are so many that playing Heir of Light is comparable to playing a collection of the very greatest systems that have ever been featured in a variety of Social RPGs that have enjoyed widespread popularity. You will discover a wide variety of things, including evolves, equipment, runes, equipment, gacha, levels, and status points, as well unlimited other things. It was almost as if we were urged to study a magic book that was prepared by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and which may have reached a thickness of over a thousand pages.

The combat in this game is presented in a real-time three-dimensional format. Consequently, you will have the ability to manually command your character while the fight is in progress. In addition, you will be able to publish your talents as soon as they are complete. Additionally, make advantage of buffs that are almost definitely appropriate at this moment, in addition to other things.

This game also continues to feature auto fight facilities, which will make the progression of the game more easier. The auto-battle option is still quite useful for a Social RPG, despite the fact that the outcomes aren’t always to the player’s liking and that it can’t be employed in more challenging fights.

Your party will be comprised of a total of four different characters. After the allotted amount of time has elapsed, you are free to employ their abilities. It will, in essence, be quite comparable to other social role-playing games that have been popular over the course of the previous five years.

The longer you play, the more storylines may be unlocked and new game types can be experienced as you progress through the game. For instance, after you have launched the PVP mode, you will not be able to play in this mode until you do so. Even when the game is being played for the very first time, you will find that Heir of Light offers a wide variety of activities to participate in. It would appear like Gamevil will add new features to Heir of Light one at a time until the game ultimately contains all of the modes that are required.

Heir of Light is a video game that, up to this point in our experience, has the most stunning visuals and effects. It appears that we are in a position to provide Heir of Light excellent value as a result of the fact that this game was successful in presenting graphics that are astonishingly gorgeous and pretty sharp. Unfortunately, as you go through the game, more and more of the information will be rehashed many times. It would appear that the team responsible for producing Heir of Light was a bit short on time when they were finishing this game before it was eventually made available to the general public.

The question that arises here is, then, whether or not Heir of Light is a game that you would like playing. It seems to depend on the situation! Heir of Light is not likely to be a game that you are able to play if you have previously experienced a sense of relief when playing a Social RPG. On the other hand, if you enjoy Social RPGs in any kind, Heir of Light should be one of the games that you try out at some point.

Game Description Source: HEIR OF LIGHT @ Google Play


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New storylines and gameplay styles will become available to you as you spend more time playing the game. There are many illustrations of this. Even after the game has been made available to the public for the first time, players will still have a wide variety of options for things to do in this location. It would appear like Gamevil will gradually add a variety of features to the game until it contains all that is required for Heir of Light.

As is customary for mobile games, this one is loaded with in-app purchases (IAP), which can be used to summon powerful characters and possibly gain some stamina. As a matter of fact, there is no longer a problem with this as a result of the HEIR OF LIGHT Cheats. So you can still do summon. Because Unlimited Karats can be traded in for any gold you desire, there will be no more risks associated with the gold supply.

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