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You have the ability to acquire an unlimited diamonds by using the Hearts Medicine mod apk. In a different part of the episode, there is an album that contains an illustration as well as additional stories that can be viewed later. In order for the player to view this picture, they will need to spend Diamonds on all of the items contained within it. Additionally, players might need Heart in order to purchase or update Medical equipment, and players’ Heart is stored in the Collector. In order to increase the Collector’s storage capacity, players might also need Diamond. Diamonds can also be used to purchase Boosters like Extra Minigame Time, Party Oliver, Extra Tray Room, Goldifier, and Extra Patients. Super Speed, Extra Tray Room, and Goldifier are also available.

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Hearts Medicine Game Description

Hearts Medicine Game

In the video game dubbed Heart’s Medicine, the story line of the Doctor’s Oath will be provided before the player really begins playing the game. One of the compelling reasons why you should play this game is because of the emotional story line about the battle of the doctor to save his patients.

Players will have the opportunity to activate Star Lock if they have completed a certain number of the game’s beginning stages and accumulated a certain amount of stars. If it isn’t enough and the player still wants to be able to unlock Star Lock right away, they can utilise a certain number of diamonds instead. If the player does not have enough Diamonds, they have the option to pay with real money to get more.

Even this game has 240 levels, and each one presents its own unique set of problems to overcome. In addition to that, you will find a wide array of patients and treatments available in this game.

Game Description Source: Hearts Medicine @ Google Play

Hearts Medicine MOD APK

Hearts Medicine APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Diamonds
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Even this game has 240 levels, and each one has its own unique set of difficulties. You not only have this game to play, but you also have a variety of patients and treatments at your disposal.

You have the ability to acquire an unlimited money by using the Hearts Medicine Cheats. You can move on to the next level once you have successfully treated a significant patients.

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