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If you use Game of Sultans mod apk, you can get unlimited diamonds. You can use these diamonds to buy things in the game that cost more.

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Game of Sultans Game Description

Game of Sultans Game

Do You Wish to Rule like a Sultan? You should give the game Game of Sultans a go on your smartphone. Playing Game of Sultans is the best option to choose if you have the creativity to see yourself with power, fortune, and a large number of spouses. You must have come across the commercial for this game on Instagram and Youtube, and you almost certainly salivated over the prospect of downloading it. Game of Sultans is a mobile game that, in order to be played, requires only a little amount of online connectivity. Mobile This game may be played extremely quickly and easily by just amassing assets, which consist of money, yields, and troops for various duties. However, in order to get these materials, you will first need to wait a few minutes.

Because there will be many warriors that need to be upgraded, the wealth that you have at your disposal as a Sultan is utilized to enhance the level of the prime minister (viziers). After conquering five kingdoms, you will unlock access to the Vizier, who will assist you in winning the last war. After then, the grain is used to add more warriors to the conflict later on since the number of pairs is essential to the war. There is no question that the level cap will be raised as a result of this battle. The game’s level consists of several levels, including Young Sultan, Master Sultan, Grand Master Sultan, and so on and so forth. The higher the degree of the Sultan, the greater the number of wives he will acquire. If your wife possesses a great deal, you will need to select one of your wives as the queen-worthy spouse. Because everyone of the females is stunning, I can imagine that this is a difficult decision for you to make.

Learn how to obtain a wife simply by dressing up (Masquerade), and the Sultan will visit the location at random. However, your luck (Fortune) has to be higher than 100 in order for you to be married more quickly. After you have wed lovely females, you may use the Consort ability to produce offspring (heirs), and when those children reach adulthood, they can marry other children. The benefits of playing this game include the opportunity to win several prizes on a daily basis. These rewards can take the shape of diamonds, money, more troops, books for the soldiers, jewelry for the spouses, and a great deal more. This is a fairly simple game, but the most challenging part is trying to keep track of all the different resources you have while trying to maintain a sense of equilibrium. You, as Sultan, need to be astute regarding techniques in order to avoid being overpowered in the future.

Guide to the Game of Sultans, Including Tips, Tricks, and Strategies In the role-playing video game Game of Sultans, often known as an RPG simulation game, you get the opportunity to live out your fantasies of being the Sultan of both Europe and the Middle East. In this game, you will storm the castle of the adversary, wed a stunning empress, and eventually take control of the entire planet. Now, for those of you who are having trouble playing this game, I will offer some hints and suggestions on how you might improve your performance in the Game of Sultans. The following are many guidelines, tips, techniques, and methods that may be used when playing the game Game of Sultans.

Instructions for Newcomers on How to Play the Card Game Sultans If you have never participated in a game similar to this one before, it is important that you understand how the game is played. In this game, you will take the role of the Grand Sultan, who unfortunately passed away due to sickness. Because you are new and still young when you become a sultan in this game, you are required to collect experience in order to become the Grand Sultan (Young Sultan – Master Sultan – Grand Sultan). You may get experience by vanquishing opposing kings and seizing control of their castles. The construction of a Vizier and a Soldier, as well as a growth in the traits of the Sultan, such as Prestige, Military, Research, and Political, are necessary for victory over the adversary. If you gain levels, other game types will become available to you, such as the Arena, the Imperial Council, the Feast, and others.

The following are some additional rules, including those pertaining to Resource, Vizier, Consort, Masquerade, Heir, and how to combat in the Game of Sultans. In addition to Resource Guide, Heir, and Consort, there are a few others.

Resource. In order to win this game, you are going to need gold, grain, and soldiers. These are the three different types of resources. Gold may be spent on increasing the level of a Vizier, grain can be used to recruit troops, and a soldier can be dispatched to fight an adversary. The Imperial Parliament is the location where you may collect this resource.

There will be two characters present at the Imperial Parliament. Their names are Ahmelek and Hocas. You may rely on Ahmelek to assist you in gathering resources such as wealth, food, and soldiers. Raising the rank of the Sultans allows you access to additional resources. Hocas will elaborate on Imperial Affairs when he does so later. You have to decide if the answer is yes or no. If you select Yes, you will be awarded bonus content in the form of a Book, Gold, and maybe other things. If, on the other hand, you select No, you will be rewarded with the experience points necessary to advance the Sultan’s level. Vizier / Prime Minister,

When it comes to Viziers, their responsibilities will include dealing with tasks pertaining to military, domestic, and other affairs. The degree of authority the Sultan possesses is also influenced by the strength of his subjects. Therefore, any growth in the power of the Vizier will likewise have an effect on the power that the Sultan possesses. A Vizier’s talent can also have an effect on their overall strength. You may improve the Vizier’s ability by opening the Viziers menu, selecting characters, and opening the develop tab. In this tab, you can raise the Vizier’s talents, creative training, and other attributes. In order to enhance your talent in Vizier, you will need a Scroll and an XP book. You will be able to collect your rewards through a tab located next the tab for developing your character. You need to be aware that in order to develop Viziers, you must improve your badge total. Badge packs are a source for obtaining badges. Pick Backpack from the menu on the main screen of the game. Next, select Combine, followed by Badge Pack, and finally combine the shard badges to obtain the badge pack. Participation in the event that awards the item is required in order to obtain a shard badge. The institution known as the Academy is where Vizier can acquire new talents. This will also raise their level in player against player combat.

Regarding the Consort and the Empress, The Sultan’s private life is affected by the Sultan’s Consort in this game. At the very beginning of the game, you will be given your first Consort. There is no doubt that the Sultan’s Consort is able to bear him children. The methods that are detailed below can help you obtain additional Empresses. Masquerade. During the Masquerade, you will have the option to meet with a Consort or Empress who would be an attractive potential spouse for you. Continue your trips there. Afterwards, he will go to the Harem, and once he is there, you will be able to marry him. Visit the facility known as the Masquerade, then select the Masquerade option to meet the intriguing Consort. You need to be aware of the fact that paying Consort only one visit will not be enough to convince him to join the Harem. To entice him, meet with him on several occasions. Consort and Consort may be obtained by a variety of means, the most important of which include raising the Sultan’s power, activating the VIP Bonus, and going to the Masquerade.

You will have the opportunity to engage in arbitrary conversation with other guests at the Masquerade. Your odds of engaging with Consort are affected by your total number of Fortune Points. The use of amulets, which may be purchased at the shop, can result in a boost in one’s Fortune Points. When you engage with Consort in Masquerade, the amount of Intimacy will increase. A high level of Intimacy will cause him to come to the Harem. If you continue to visit Masquerade, you will eventually receive Consort at random. Heir, Heir or Heirs, the children of Consort have the potential to strengthen the authority of the empire. You may hone it by employing vitality points in your practice. At a particular moment in time, you will receive two vitality points. To raise the level of your heirs, go to the Harem, choose the Heirs tab, and then hit the Develop button.

Once they have reached the highest level, you will have the option to promote them to junior prince or princess. The marriage option will become available after heirs reach adulthood or receive promotions. Choose the Single option, and after that choose the Request Proposal option; this may also help the empire become more powerful. To acquire an Heir, you must first raise the intimacy level of your Consort, then go to the Harem, pick the Consort option, then select Married Consort, and last press the Visit button to raise your Intimacy Points. Only then will you be able to acquire an Heir. Consort won’t give birth until you reach a particular level or complete a certain visit requirement beforehand. There are also additional possibilities, one of which is called Random Visit; however, choosing this option will not boost your Intimacy Points; rather, it will increase your Consort XP, which can be used to improve the Vizier’s talents. When you initially start playing Game of Sultans, the only mode available to you is Campaign Mode. Here, you will learn how to battle. In this mode, you are tasked with defeating the castle’s ruler in order to seize possession of the structure. You will get experience points (XP) when you prevail over a greater number of foes. During combat, Soldiers and Warriors will automatically engage in combat with their adversaries. In order to emerge victorious from the conflict, you will need to bolster the capabilities of the Soldier. And since defeating the other monarch requires you to select a dependable Vizier, you should make it a point to level up all of your Viziers.

In the event that you run out of Soldier, you may purchase more of it from the item shop in exchange for diamonds. There is a piece of loot known as the Commander Seal. These goods have the potential to supply for up to one hundred thousand soldiers. You may use it once you have purchased it by going to the game’s main menu, selecting the Backpack option, then selecting the Commander Seal option, and finally using it. The following is a guide that includes Game of Sultans hints, tips, and techniques. Contributing to the expansion of the Sultan’s power, In the strategy game Sultans, the primary objective was to grow one’s empire while simultaneously advancing one’s Sultan character to higher levels (Young Sultan I > Young Sultan II > Young Sultan III > Young Sultan V > Young Sultan V > Master > Grand Sultan). The secret is to raise the Sultan’s rank as quickly as possible. The Sultan’s level has the potential to influence the following constraints: trade limits, recruit limits, empire power, levy limit, and affairs limit. You are able to raise the restriction on them, which will allow you to level up more fast.

To fast advance in levels, you should focus on playing the Campaign mode and gaining experience by killing enemies. Visit and Random Visit, if you desire kids or Heir, then you need to boost the intimacy level with Consort. Otherwise, you won’t be able to acquire either of those things. You are going to need to go to Consort, as was just mentioned. Visit the Harem, pick Consort from the drop-down menu, and then, in the bottom right corner, click the Random Visit button. The reward that may be won via Random Visit is Consort Experience Points. Select the Consort Portrait option that appears on the same screen, then choose the Visit button (Visit Premium requires diamond).

Consort will receive Intimacy Points in exchange for paying for a Premium Visit. Make good use of any free gifts or products you get. To claim the item you have earned after finishing the quest, select the Backpack option from the main menu. On this screen, you will be able to view all of the things you have earned after completing the quest. In this game, you have the ability to alter the name of the Sultan if you are in possession of an item known as a renaming card. In addition, you have the option of presenting Consort in the Harem with other accessories like rings and earrings. This has the potential to boost the level of appeal. Make use of the Lamp Function to get useful things. Make your selection using the Lamp option located on the right side of the main screen. To receive a present, you must first turn on the lights. You will be given an oil that may be utilized to activate the lights in the room. Develop your talents as a Vizier, since they may be of assistance to you in a variety of situations. Their abilities are extremely valuable. You may improve your Vizier talent by going to the Academy and selecting the Vizier track there. You may participate in a variety of activities at the Frontier facility, one of which is the hunting grounds, which allow you to hunt animals in the Frontier world. Vizier will embark on animal hunts there in order to get gold, earn points, and tokens. Tokens like this can be put toward the purchase of things like jewelry, headgear, garments, even attribute books.

Pirate Hunter is one of the events that you can participate in during the Game of Sultans. It requires you to hunt and kill pirates. During this event, you will become a member of a fleet and go on the hunt for pirates. Go to the Pirate Hunter Event, then pick Join A Fleet, and last, touch the Hunt Now button when you’ve finished doing so. When you discover a pirate ship, you should instantly start attacking it by using the appropriate button. You have one shot at attacking a ship throughout the allotted time. You will be able to investigate other ships with lower power if the power on the pirate ship is quite high. Additionally, there are pirate chests to be found. You will require a key, which may be gained by achieving a certain level of success, in order to unlock this chest.

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Because there are so many warriors that need to be upgraded, the wealth you have as a Sultan is utilised to enhance the rank of Prime Ministers. Following the conquest of five kingdoms, the Vizier will lend you assistance in winning the decisive conflict. The grain is followed by the addition of troops at a later time since the number of pairings determines the outcome of the conflict. The level cap in this game will inevitably be raised as a result of this war. The competition is broken up into a number of different levels, such as the Young Sultan, the Master Sultan, and the Grand Master Sultan, among others. The higher one rises in the ranks of the Sultans, the greater the number of ladies he is granted. If your wife has a lot, then you need to select a lady who is deserving of the title of queen.

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