Using the Exos Heroes mod apk, you will be able to generate an unlimited crystals. You will make use of them to acquire an unlimited gold as well as other commodities. You are able to improve the weapons that your character uses by using the mod.

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Exos Heroes Game Description

Exos Heroes Game

Fantastic graphic quality serves as the primary basis for Exos Heroes’ gameplay, which itself is built on top of that. This game employs the strategy of a turn-based role-playing game (RPG), and it features an exciting gameplay with a range of comprehensive content for both PvE and PvP. There will be a total of 200 heroes that may be acquired, each of whom will have a unique rarity. This game is comparable to the vast majority of other role-playing video games (RPGs), but what sets it apart from those games is its tale, which is presented in an exceptional manner through the utilisation of Full Motion Video (FMV) as well as several cut scenes.

Rerolling is required in any game that uses gacha mechanics. The purpose of this is to ensure that players do not have any issues when navigating the numerous battles in the game. Due to the fact that this game offers infinite rerolls, there is no need for you to be anxious about participating in the Gacha at the beginning of Exos Heros. In other words, players are allowed to continue rerolling gacha until they obtain the hero of their choice. Having just one god hero to rely on is of great assistance. When rerolling, it is strongly advised that players select heroes such as Rachel, Rudley, or Bernadette.

Once you have completed a certain chapter, further stages of the daily dungeon will become available, and the Challenge menu will become accessible to you. The stage has a Hero Battle, an Ancient Gold Mine, a Solar Trade Route, a Lunar Trade Route, a Blessing Sanctum, a Battle, and a Raid. It also includes the Experience Sanctum and the Spirit Sanctum. It is highly recommended to finish at least the Experience Sanctum and the Ancient Gold Mine because, in addition to Equipment, Experience and Gold are the most important resources in this game. Every day, players will receive three admission tickets that may be used for any and all dungeons. It is imperative that you participate in this daily dungeon.

Finding Xes, which are things used in gacha, is not too difficult on Exos Heroes. In addition to completing daily objectives and stages, you may also obtain from the Achievements section. As an illustration, you may obtain a respectable number of Xes with a rather small number of Enhancement and Disassemble heroes. On the first day of the game, you could be able to complete five or six times 11 Recruit. If you do not like to waste time seeking for Xs, make sure that you pay close attention to the Achievements. It will be of great assistance to you early on in the game if you have access to a strong hero.

It is essential that you give careful consideration to the characteristics of each hero in the party. Every hero and enemy have a Guard Stone that is composed of six distinct components. If an attack with the same element as the Guard Stone was made, the owner of the Guard Stone would suffer the Break effect. Because of these circumstances, the hero will be unable to move for a number of rounds, and his Defense will suffer a significant blow as a result. Because of this, you need make sure to bring the hero that possesses the ingredients that are needed the most in each fight.

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Exos Heroes MOD APK

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This game makes use of the turn-based role-playing game mechanic, and it features a very interesting gameplay with a large variety of complete PvP and PvE content. There are a total of 200 heroes, each of whom has a unique rarity and may be gathered throughout the game.

Exos Heroes generator give you access to an unlimited money. Gain more experience travelling, and be of assistance to Zeon in finishing the plot.

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