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Dream Town Story Game Description

Dream Town Story Game

It is possible to think of Dream Town Story as a continuation of the last Kairosoft game, which was called Venture Towns. Both of them are examples of what is known as a city simulation, which is a type of city building simulation game. What makes Kairosoft stand out is the fact that they put more random and micromanagement features into the Dream Town Story. Because of this, the strategy involved in constructing the city in Dream Town Story is dynamic and cannot be beaten easily from one gaming session to the next.

Before we continue, I would want to provide an example by beginning the game with a parcel of land, a single inhabitant, and a company (shop). Over the course of time, we will be able to increase the number of people who call our city home, develop additional commercial enterprises, and increase the size of the land area occupied by the city.

In Dream Town Story, there is just one map for the land, in contrast to Venture Towns, which gives players with four different game maps. The only way for us to acquire land surrounding our city is to successfully complete the assignment that has been assigned to the region involved within a predetermined amount of time. In the event that it is unsuccessful, not only will the land be erased from existence, but also every structure that has been constructed on it, including homes and places of business owned by locals.

If in Venture Towns the number of people is not restricted in any way (depending on the circumstances of the city), then in Dream Town Story the maximum number of residents that may be invited to live in our city is determined by how well our city is ranked. When you gain a new level, you have the ability to add between three and five new inhabitants. But the same is true with Venture Towns; in order for people to live in our city, we need to first develop residential property so that it can accommodate them.

Regarding the rating of the city by itself, the primary criteria are not yet quite evident to me. Is it dependent just on the amount of accomplishments that have been unlocked, or are there other criteria as well? However, it is abundantly evident that if the requirements for moving up in ranking are satisfied, we will be granted the option to finish the Challenge in the form of a conflict between cities. This is a really creative and original concept, despite the fact that it is practically identical to the business struggle in their other game, which is called Biz Venture Deluxe.

The second essential component of the game is the Shop, in addition to other establishments and structures. Because of this, it is a challenge to say the least. In Dream Town Story, conducting research is required in order to acquire a building. The issue is that the study that has been conducted is not for particular buildings but rather for particular categories of structures. It has been decided that the particulars of the structures that we will obtain later will be chosen at random. It is certain that we will have to proceed to carry out the research procedure in the building category once again in the event that the buildings we want are not yet acquired.

As was just discussed, the present rating of our city will determine the maximum number of individuals who are allowed to call this place home. The higher the score, the greater the capacity to house inhabitants. And the more individuals there are in the world, the simpler it is for us to get money (gold) and other essential ingredients (forget the name, I will update again when I remember).

Students, adults, and parents make up the three distinct groups that make up the population. The other two categories, in addition to students, have the opportunity to hold occupations and accumulate money. Although there are numerous employment opportunities, it will take time to obtain them all. While this is going on, the residents in question will be saving money, and if they reach a particular level, they will use it to make improvements to their houses so that they are even more comfortable.

According to the material provided in the handbook for Dream Town Story, inhabitants can also take part in a love affair that ultimately results in marriage. Since I have not been able to locate any folks in my city who have gone through this yet, I am unable to provide any additional details regarding what this scenario entails.

Dream Town Story deviates from the standard practice of most other Kairosoft games by not utilizing a combination with a 3 by 3 area structure. In this area, combinations may only be accomplished if the structure is constructed in either a 1 x 3 or 3 x 1 configuration (parallel). After realizing that the method used to construct a city in Dream Town Story is, in fact, dissimilar to the one used in Venture Town, what appeared like an issue at first is now completely clear and makes perfect sense. Read further about this topic in the sub-chapter titled Strategy.

Game Description Source: Dream Town Story @ Google Play

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If in Venture Towns the number of residents is not restricted (subject to the circumstances of the city), then in Dream Town Story the number of residents that we are able to invite to live in our city is dependent on the level of the city. At each new level, an additional three to five inhabitants may be added. However, the same principle applies to Venture Towns; in order to make it feasible for citizens to live in our city, residential property must first be developed for use by these individuals.

Using Dream Town Story Cheats, you can make your very own city look exactly how you’ve always imagined it would if you wanted to. Utilizing the vast sums of money and diamonds at your disposal, purchase a wide variety of commercial and residential properties.

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