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Drakenlords Game Description

Drakenlords Game

There is no risk in trying out the new card game Drakenlords that has been released by Everguild if you are a fan of collectible card games. Free to download on both Android and iOS!

Since the release of Hearthstone, game developers have at long last begun working on building card games that are comparable to Hearthstone. Also featured is Everguild Ltd., which just published a collectible card game (CCG) called Drakenlords: CCG Card Duels.

It is obvious from the name of this game that it consists of a collection of card games that pit players against one another in actual time and pit their wits against one other. In addition to the mode in which players compete against one another, Drakenlords also includes an adventure option for a lone player. Playing this card game in your spare time is guaranteed to provide you with a lot of fun.

This game, like Hearthstone, includes a card game that employs Minions, who are armies of war that will assist the Warlord (called Hero in this game) that you use to beat your adversaries and win the game. Mana is a resource that will turn up and refresh itself each round. Without it, you won’t be able to utilise any of the cards in your deck. Your primary objective is to get rid of all of your opponent’s HP Warlods. You have the ability to use Warlods and Minion troops on your board to launch an attack on them.

There is a Minion card, but there is also something called a Spell card, which is an action card that, when utilised, results in some kind of unique effect. A card known as Fire Blast, for instance, is a Spell card that inflicts immediate damage of four points on a hostile Warlod at the same time. Drakenlords is a clone version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which has previously been popular since it was released in 2014. When evaluated from the method and the game structure, Drakenlords is undoubtedly a copy of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

There are a total of 300 cards that are available for collection in this game of Drakenlords. In addition, the graphics and effects included on each card will be unique. The latter players have the opportunity to obtain a new card by purchasing a booster pack. You have the exclusive ability to select both the box and the booster pack that you want. Each box has ten booster packs inside of it, and each booster pack has at least one legendary card and one mythical card inside of it. Because of this functionality, it should not prove difficult for players to collect all 300 cards that are now available.

In addition to the cards, one of the most important aspects of this game is the Warlord. In contrast to Hearthstone, Drakenlords’ Warlords come equipped with a skill tree that allows for individualised development. They come equipped with a variety of active and passive skills that may be used at various points throughout the game. Players will be enticed to play the supplied campaign mode due to the background tale, which is also included in the game.

The action-packed MMORPG Drakenlords is now available to download for free on both the Android and iOS platforms. Are you prepared to combat other players in real time while also collecting cards?

Game Description Source: Drakenlords @ Google Play

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This game, much like Hearthstone, includes a card game that makes use of Minions, who are armies of war that are going to help your adversaries in defeating the Warlord (called hero in this game).

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