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With Dragon Hills mod apk, you can get unlimited coins. Those coins will help you make your dragons stronger and get the most game boosts.

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Dragon Hills Game Description

Dragon Hills Game

The gameplay of Dragon Hills is quite similar to that of Death Worm and Super Mega Worm; however, instead of managing a massive worm, you take charge of a dragon and the rider who accompanies it. The objective is to clear the path of any obstacles while at the same time ensuring that your creatures do not perish at the hands of natural calamities or hostile guardians.

The command structure in Dragon Hills is quite uncomplicated. Dragons go in a straight path the entire time, and when you press the screen, the dragon digs a tunnel beneath and moves underground. After being let free, the dragon will use its leaping ability to return to the surface. You have only a few controllers to work with, but you need to dodge obstacles, pick up coins, and try to eliminate all of the adversaries.

Once you have obtained a coin, you will be able to upgrade the quality of both your dragon and your wooden weapon. Initially, you will only have a very simple dragon and a simple sword made of wood. This will aid you when confronting opponent attacks that are of a higher difficulty.

The arcade game, Dragon Hills, features visuals that are rather endearing. You won’t have any trouble picking up the gameplay, and after just a few rounds, you’ll be completely hooked.

Game Description Source: Dragon Hills @ Google Play

Dragon Hills MOD APK

Dragon Hills APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Coins
✓ No need to root, for Android
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The arcade game, Dragon Hills, has a lot of charm. You won’t have any trouble picking up the gameplay, and after just a few rounds, you’ll be hooked.

Dragon Hills generator allow for an unlimited money (coins). By using this coin mod, you can make your dragons stronger.

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